Thursday, March 30, 2017

I Like #11

Missed last week because I was traveling, but it was good reinvigorating traveling to Empty Spools in Asilomar California.  Asilomar is one of my very favorite places anywhere and going there with my mom is so special.  I've been overwhelmed since I got back, so I'll leave you with a very short I like!

I like: Sunrises, going east out of King City California, in the cool early morning air, headed to Pinnacles National Park.

I like hiking:  Gorgeous early morning hike at Pinnacles, all alone (my mom's foot is broken) without any other people.  The solitude and beauty of this hike were wonderful.  And it went through a bunch of caves!!!

I like: Asilomar.  In spite of being right on the packed monterey coast, it feels isolated and beautiful.  The experience of being there is like camp, but for grownups with real beds and wine.  I don't like sandy beaches but I love tide pools (anemone!), and there is the best path through the dunes along the beach there.  Love.

Thanks LeeAnna!


  1. Those are beautiful photos. I'm glad you could join in and share your adventures with us!

  2. What a beautiful serene place you visited. Thank you for sharing these photos. mary in Az

  3. oh! I wish I was there. The rock's tidepool looks like a smile to me. I can see you doing an art quilt with that as inspiration.
    I did my like post last week, since we've been in CO on a fact finding expedition... sorry about forgetting the links in my packing frenzy. They are up now! Don't you love the varied posts and the community of Like people we're building? We need a convention

  4. Your photos of the coast are wonderful! Rocky coasts with tidepools are one of my favorite places to be and explore! Thanks for sharing!

  5. So very pretty. Thanks for sharing.