Thursday, March 2, 2017

I like #8

Happy Thursday all,  I hope your week went well!

My first I like this week is a double whammy.  The first part is that I like getting organized.  I spent quite a bit of time last week going through my digital files and it was very satisfying.  I feel like even as we focus on (or don't) on being tidy, or minimalist, or organized in our physical lives, the digital ones kind of get lost in the shuffle.  And of course, out of sight out of mind, making it very easy for the digital side of things to get out of hand.  But part two of this is that while organizing I came across a bunch of projects I never got around to blogging about.

Thus leading to part two:  I like embroidery!  I don't get to do as much of it as I like, but I really enjoy it.  I have a few different hand embroidery projects going, but don't work on them much.  When I'm at home I tend to quilt and when I'm on the road I tend to crochet (it's a bit easier in the car).  Anyway, a couple of years ago I took just a short class from Judith Baker Montano (pictures from which were discovered in the recent spate of file organizing).  It was all about altering traditional embroidery stitches to make landscapes and was great fun.  Here's the stitch sampler I worked in the class.

On a similar note:  I like Judith Baker Montano!  Her work is so exquisite and layered, I especially love her landscapes- they have tons of depth.  I haven't done any landscape embroideries as complicated as hers are, but after taking the class I did do one embroidery/monoprint for a swap that turned out fun!

Keeping with the same thing- I like embroidery blogs! One of my favorites is Mary Corbet's Needle n Thread.  She has such fabulous embroidery resources and I recommend it for anyone interested in embroidery.

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  1. I'm mad at embroidery, it was my first sewing love. Thank you so much for this wonderful post! I do love Mary Corbet's website as well! I have spring fever and have been reorganizing my home too. It's so much fun, soon we will be able to be outside all day!
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. I've made a few embroidered Christmas decorations but that's the extent of it. The embroidered tree in your photo looks gorgeous!

  3. Love embroidery. I may have started by embroidering my bell bottom jeans with crewel stitches in high school. I don't do enough of it like everything... quilting, beading, painting, writing. Every time I think of one activity I want to drop everything to do that one again. I love Judith's book of stitches. LeeAnna

  4. I can see why you love her embroidery - it is amazing, like a painting! I've never done much embroidery, but your post makes me want to try some. When looking at files I've saved, I always find all kinds of things (project ideas, etc) that I completely forgot about! There is so much out there!