Thursday, March 9, 2017

I Like #9

Tomorrow marks the start of a busy period of traveling for me, this weekend I'm headed to Dallas for the Dallas Quilt Festival and a weekend with my sister and her family, so that's likely to generate some likeable things!

Here are some of the things I like this week!

I like sushi!  I've been a big fan of sushi for a long time, and although Mike is typically not an adventurous eater  (which is a euphemism if I ever heard one) he does like sushi.  One of the places we go the most often is Sushi Hayashi- it's just a small place in a strip mall, but they have tasty sushi and it's always quiet and not as loud or chaotic as some of the trendier places.  Yum!

I like baking!  I used to bake a ton, but of course then I just eat everything, but this week I'd signed up to take cookies to church and told my friends I would take cookies to a trivia night fundraiser, so I made some gingersnaps.  Along the way I decided to "formalize" my cookie baking intensity taxonomy, because, well why not.  I decided that Level 1 cookies are all-in-one-go things, stratified into Level 1A, which is drop cookies like chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin and Level 1B which are slightly more complicated things that are still all-in-one-go like lemon bars.  Level 2 cookies are things that require more time and/or advanced planning because they need to chill.  Snickerdoodles, gingersnaps, raspberry thumbprints, etc.  And Level 3 cookies are those things that are such an investment that I usually only do them when I have people over and it's a scheduled activity, things like sugar cookies or gingerbread men that require dough-chill-roll-cut-bake-frost.  I explained this "very important" stratification to my sister, who laughed, so I guess it served its purpose!

Trivia night was fun, I'd never been to anything like that before.  It was a fundraiser for special olympics, and I shared a table with a couple friends of mine and their friends.  In most of the categories I did really terrible and was no help at all, sports, sports stars turned tv stars, ad jingles (but not the easy ones), TV theme songs, etc.  I did get all the questions right in the "Cities" category, and I was the only person at the table who knew the answer to the one Harry Potter question of the night so I guess that was good.  Sadly the catgories I'd have done well in (science, art, literature) did not come up.  Fun evening though!

I love my dogs!  Obviously you all know this already, but Mike just got a new camera and took a few pictures.  Bentley and Bullett are not in the least interested in the new camera, but they're adorable all the same.  Bullett looks a little out of it here-mostly I think he's irritated that no one was giving him a treat.

In the weekly I like flowers part of the segment, I'm sorry to report that my begonia isn't doing to well.  I think it might be cold, but I'm really not sure.  On a more positive note, my work geranium is blooming, which is fabulous!


  1. I loved your cookie stratification explanation. Totally right. Your dogs and red geranium are gorgeous.

  2. i will eat nearly any cookie indiscrimanentely. And have a hard time stopping with one or two, bar or snap or soft, doesn't matter. I used to bake then gave up sugar and now... back into comfort food. Help. Send cookies.