Thursday, March 16, 2017

I Like #10

I'm going crazy at work right now, but tomorrow afternoon I'm leaving for a quilting trip to California with my mom, so that'll be filled with wonderful things to like.

So an abbreviated list of Likes this week:

I like being productive at work.  I don't always love my job, but it is really gratifying when I feel productive.

I like Circque du Soleil.  I was down visiting my sister this weekend and we had tickets to see it (the Kurios show).  I'd never seen it before and it was awesome.  So much fabulousness!

I like listening to my niece read.  She just turned five and is a great reader already.  My sister has been working with her for about a year and a half and she's at the point now where she can read you a story book with an actual story in it (simple ones still obviously), but I'm so proud of her!

I like quilt shows!  The main reason I was down in Dallas was for the Dallas Quilt Show.  It's always fun, a big show with really great quilts.  Here are three of my favorites.  The first two are by Karen Stone who also had a special exhibit of her quilts at the show, and the last one is by Tonya Littman.

And of course flowers!  We didn't get the winter storm many of you did and my crab apple tree has started to bloom.  Happy spring is coming!

Thanks as always to LeeAnna!


  1. wish I was going with you to CA to quilt. The quilts you shared were awesome. I love Karen Stone, saw her in lecture and she's so charming. I love being productive too. I was the one who wanted to be busy at work.

  2. That lizard is astonishing! He looks like he's crawling off the quilt! Hope you enjoy the quilt show in CA!

  3. I cannot believe that lizard on the quilt. Just wow. Karen Stone's quilts are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing wonderful photos of these quilts I would never have had the opportunity to see. Reading is so important at young ages as your niece. She will do well in school! mary in AZ

  4. Who doesn't like quilt shows? That last one was amazing. Good stuff!

  5. Those are some amazing quilts you saw! I'm always amazed by the ones that look 3 dimensional, and want to see them in person so I can figure out how they're made.

  6. Those are wonderful quilts! Have a wonderful trip! It was so nice to see that spring is blooming somewhere!

  7. Hi Shannon, a lovely list of likes and I share them too. Being a retired reading teacher, I love the part about your little niece enjoying reading. How splendid. I too like being productive even in retired life. I enjoyed my first Circque de Soleil show two years ago and was in awe. It's something everyone should get to see. And the quilts at quilt shows are usually out of this world.