Monday, April 17, 2017

SAQA Auction Donation

It's time once again to make my annual SAQA Auction donation quilt.  SAQA artists from all over make 12" x 12" quilts to donate and it winds up being a great fundraiser.  The auction isn't till later in the year, but I recently sent my quilt in for this year.  You can see previous auction quilts of mine here (2016201520142013) I started this one while I was at asilomar.  I painted a large piece of fabric for sky then cut up a bunch of big diamonds to make a mosaic (kind of like this one).  Belatedly though, I realized that the project I wanted them for didn't really call for a mosaic sky.  So I cut all the diamonds into 4ths, and made this small mini quilt.  It was tricky because I didn't get the diamonds all lined up exactly right so the quilting is a bit messy, but I think the overall effect is ok.  It's called North Wind on the Plains.


  1. Where do we go to bid on it? And what does it raise money for? Its super pretty!

  2. Beautiful. I love the Mr. Wind blowing.