Thursday, April 27, 2017

I Like #15

Another week where I didn't remember to take very many pictures, but lots of things to like this week.

1.  I like having a clean house!  I don't like cleaning my house, but I love when it's clean.  That feeling of plopping down on the couch or into the shower after several hours of cleaning and having everything neat with fresh sheets is wonderful.  I was, of course, only motivated to do this because I have company coming this weekend (yay family), but whatever works!

2. I love seeing animals and life around my house.  My frog is back, he lives in our backyard/porch throughout the late spring and summer.  I pretend he's the same frog from last year, but that seems really unlikely.  He likes to sit on the back porch, and I have to be careful not to step on him as I come out of the studio at night.  Yesterday I accidentally almost mowed over him (I couldn't see him in the tall grass), but he escaped ok, and I hope he comes back.  We also have lots of bunnies in our neighborhood, but they don't come in my backyard and I usually see them early in the morning.  I saw this really cool bug on my studio door the other day, I really tried to get a good picture, its wings were completely transparent except for green veins, he looked half plant!  I never did get a good shot though.

3. I love my dogs!  This goes without saying but sometimes you have to just say it!  I made a large Amy Butler pouf a few years ago and they love sitting on it.  When Missy is here she usually gets it, although sometimes Bentley will get it first.  If Missy isn't there (like now, she's traveling with Mike), it's Bentley all the way.  Poor Bullett never gets the pouf.  But the other day I caught this series of pictures and the whole situation made me giggle.  Of course as soon as I sat down Bentley wanted in my lap (the only thing that could make him give up the pouf).  Never mind that he's way too big, or that the chair is too small for us both.  But as soon as he was all the way in my lap, Bullett immediately jumped onto the pouf.  Smart boy, he doesn't miss his chance!

4.   I also am still liking my weekly blooming flowers.  Thanks to everyone last week who chimed in to identify my peace lily, it's gratifying to know what it is.  No flower pictures this week, but I did realize my pink Christmas cactus is blooming again!  In April! So cool, it has lots of bright pink blossoms on its window side.

Thanks as always to LeeAnna!


  1. oh those doggies! With the spotted tummy and snuggling instinct. So sweet. I liked the picture progression too, it told the story! Is your studio a separate building?

  2. Your pouf looks great - no wonder the dogs vie for the chance to get comfy on it! I love seeing different kinds of wildlife in my yard, even the interesting bugs. I have a college friend who is an entomologist, and we are always sending her photos of bugs and asking what they are! Hooray for blooming flowers - I love this time of year!

  3. What a lot of lovely likes, Shannon. Your dogs obviously give you a lot of pleasure. I wish I had a small dog too for the lap thing. Can't do that with mine. I'm kind of weird but I love looking at the various insects esp. night ones on the window. Your bug is amazing. That pouf is awesome. And tho' small, it is a great pleasure to have clean sheets! Have a good weekend.