Monday, July 3, 2017

Crochet dress finished

I mentioned in one of my I like posts a while back that I'd finally finished a crochet dress I was working on, but I never got around to sharing the final pics!  I'd been wanting to do a pineapple pattern for a while.  I chose the Jordan Sleeveless Pineapple Top which I found on ravelry.  It had a nice easy-to-understand chart, and crocheted up very well.  I fiddled around with the pattern some, but only because I still never use the right size hook/yarn that is recommended.  I'd wholeheartedly recommend this pattern though, it was very well written and clear.

C. Vicky Chan (from pattern)

I wanted to use this "yarn" a friend gave me, even though it's not really clothing yarn.  It's made up of lots of short pieces of ribbon held together by a wrapping of black thread.  It's a bit chunky and because it was rainbowy (and nubbly) it didn't show the pattern too well while I was crocheting, but I think you can see it well by the end.  It wasn't bad to crochet with, the worst part is that it was on very small balls so there were lots of ends to weave in.

My mom took that final picture of me while we were out at the QN17 opening (which was my goal for finishing it), and I'm pleased with how it turned out.  I think you can see the pineapples (especially in the bodice) as long as I wear it over something solid colored.  It was great to finish, and though fun to work on, it did take a long time.  Luckily my ladies at the church knit night were super helpful and encouraging!


  1. What a beautiful dress you made! I love it. mary in Az

  2. fab dress! Great shot of you!

  3. Oh my made this yourself. Wearable art and you look so great in it.