Thursday, July 13, 2017

I Like #25

Happy Thursday everyone!  I hope there are good things to like in your life.  This has been a good normal week for me, normal in the sense that I'm regular-busy not crazy busy, and that's a refreshing change.  I spent all day Saturday running errands in a singularly inefficient manner (not on purpose of course), and luckily it was only annoyingly inconvenient rather than super stressful because my schedule wasn't over packed.

1.  I liked hanging my own show!  It's very small, just 12 pieces, but it's the first time I've gotten to hang a bunch of my work all in one place.  It's hanging at a coffee shop called the Gray Owl in Norman, OK, quite close to where I live.  Shout out to Roshni, Jenny, and Braden from the Gray Owl for the invite.  Mike helped me hang on Sunday morning and my stuff will be up through August.  If you happen to be in the area, please stop by!  I hung some of the pieces higher than I might normally in the hopes that they would stay out of the path of wayward coffee!

2. I like starting something new!  SAQA New Mexico has a call for entry currently out called "Life Along the Rio Grande" and this weekend after finishing up a bunch of miscellaneous admin type stuff, I got to start my piece for it.  So far I'm just painting the background, but It's all on velvet/stretch velour-type fabrics because I was given a bunch of those, so it looks like it'll be an adventure.  It's going to feature part of the Very Large Array, a huge really cool radio telescope in central New Mexico, which I've gotten to visit before.  

3.  I like house plants!  Of course you guys already knew this.  This weekend in an extremely side-tracked attempt to make pancakes I wound up at the Moore Farmer's market where instead of buying a bunch of vegetables (I did buy a few), I got involved in a 40 minute conversation with a super fun plant cultivator.  He had all different kinds of specialty houseplants, including a gorgeous, about to bloom pink bromeliad (Aechmea fasciata).  I have a red one and have long wanted a pink one, but alas it was outside my price range.  But I had a fabulous conversation with him (sadly I've mislplaced his business card), bought this cool plant which I've already forgotten the name of, and was given three cuttings to start several other different things.  Fun!

4.  I like the girls I work with!  Two of them are leaving really soon (they were just with us for the summer), so I had a friend take a lab picture after we all went out to lunch last week.  Mostly we were just giggling the whole time.  Things are often pretty crummy at work, so it's been good to have some fun people in the lab this summer.

I hope you've all had a good week, and thanks to LeeAnna for hooking us up!


  1. this is why I love our Thursday like posts! How fun all the items are! The exhibit space is great, love how your work looks!

  2. I love coffee shop galleries. How awesome to have your stuff there.