Thursday, July 27, 2017

I Like #27

Welcome to another week of I like!  

1.  I like fixing things!  I was talking to LeeAnna (I think!) last week after her mention of lawn ornaments about how I have a nifty black bear my grandpa made and a red bird whirligig on top of it.  Unfortunately the red bird had gotten really old and the center dowel his wings were mounted on had rotted and his wings had fallen off etc. etc. etc.  But this weekend I finally fixed him!  I took him all apart, replaced the middle dowel, and gave all his parts a fresh paint job.  Now he's back spinning in the breeze!  Unfortunately I see now that I need to repaint my bear too, but that'll have to wait because I think he needs a bit of sanding first.

2. I like kitty-cats!  I can't have them any more because my allergies are too bad, but even though I'm a hardcore dog person, I love cats too.  It was a sad time on that front here this week, my sister's cat Motor was killed by a car, but seeing my friend's two adorable cats lined up outside his house reminded me that they can be pretty cute in their own snooty way.  

3.  I like seeing pictures of exhibitions I can't make it to.  My mom and I both had pieces in the SAQA regional show Under the Western Sun, and my mom was the one who secured a second venue for it in Socorro New Mexico.  In a very old school caravan kind of way, the ladies who hung the show at its first venue in Colorado took the quilts to Santa Fe, passed them off to SAQA members there who then drove south to Socorro.  My mom drove up from her house, a couple of hours the other direction, to help hang the show.  It's at the Macey Center at New Mexico Tech, so if anyone is in the Albuequerque/Socorro/central New Mexico area you should go see it.  I won't see it, but I'm so glad she sent me these pictures!

4.  I love my Grandpa!  He passed away last fall, but his birthday was this week, so we've all been thinking about him.  He was such a smart interesting man, and I love hearing my mom tell stories about when she was a kid.  He made really beautiful scale models of ships and trains and houses, and when we were little, he always let my sister and I play with his tiny tools.  I remember spending many hours pretending to take apart his porch swing with little bitty screwdrivers and pliers.

5.  I love my grandma!  She's the one who always sends letters with lots of stamps, and this week she emailed me a picture of this cool wooden train that my [other] grandpa just finished putting together.  It's pretty cool- it's powered by rubber bands and actually goes.  Pretty nifty.  Maybe at some point I'll get a video of it in action.  I love when she sends me pictures and other things!

6.  I like flowers!  (Duh).  The bloom in this picture is pretty small, but now it's expanded to normal geranium bloom size.  I really liked the way it looked like it was kissing its reflection in the window though!

Thanks to LeeAnna as always!


  1. it's reaching for the sun... great picture. It's a poster, if you find just the right quote!
    I like how you brought the post full circle, about making things, then to your grandfather and his making, the tiny tools and little girl hands practicing, then a woman's hands fixing and making beautiful art. Circle of life.
    He is with you still.
    Your I Like posts bring me closer to you... and if this move comes off to CO we'll be actually closer to a visit. LeeAnna

  2. Ooh. Some of the art at that exhibition is very cool. Love the train.

    You remind me how much I miss my grandmother.

  3. What a beautiful quilt exhibit! I love having the chance to see quilting art, especially when it is different from anything I would ever create! I like cats, too, although I've never lived with one. I enjoy seeing quilters' posts anout the crazy things their cats do when they are sewing!

  4. What a lot of lovely likes! I like cats too and hate when I glimpse the kittens this time of year on the long country roads at night. Barn cats, I guess. Those quilts are amazing...inspirational. That train looks quite intricate...what a great hobby. Geraniums are a great plant; I bring mine indoors for the winter and they bloom all over again. Did you know they love leftover coffee?

  5. great likes! The bird whirlygig is great! The train looks really difficult to assemble--kudos to grandpa! Have a wonderful week!