Thursday, July 20, 2017

I Like #26

Another week of I Like has cropped up before I know it!  I should plan my posts on Wednesdays instead of waiting until Thursday morning!

Without further ado, here are some things I liked this week:

1. I like my plants!  Obviously you guys are all aware of this, but it makes me so happy to see them growing.  Nothing is flowering yet, but this is another one of the new small sprouts I got from the farmers market a couple weeks ago.  I'm not sure what it is, but it seems to be growing fairly well.   The little mini plants growing off of each leaf make me super happy, although the plant man said to watch out, they'll fall off in your other plants and then start growing again!  I actually started a couple in another pot already and they're sprouting!  Unfortunately I'm not sure why, but the new growth in the last two weeks (which is substantial) is fairly yellow.  You can see it on the two smaller leaves that are vertical in this picture.  It's right now living on my porch which is protected from any direct sun.  It has been really hot lately (over 100), and though I've been keeping him watered, I wonder if I should move him inside.  Does anyone know anything about yellow leaves?  He really has been growing fast-  that's about 2 inches of new leaf in two weeks, just weirdly yellow.

3. I like sewing clothes!  I don't sew that many, and I don't particularly like sewing complicated or finely tailored things, but skirts and some tops are fairly easy and fun.  I wear skirts a lot, but found that I wasn't wearing some of my more recent makes very often because they didn't have pockets.  So over the weekend I sewed up this drop-waist circle skirt out of some fabric I picked up on clearance when Hancocks closed last year.   I like doing a drop waist on circle skirts so they're still twirly but you don't have all that fabric around the hips.  The green band you see in the pictures at the bottom of my purple shirt isn't the skirt, it's a dark green camisole I'm wearing under the purple shirt.  The drop waist part of the skirt is the same material as the rest of the skirt, you just can't see it in the pics.  I still have a bunch of this green fabric left, it's a bit heavy and itchy for tops, so I'll have to think of something to do with it.

3.  On the clothes subject,  I love the blog Male Pattern Boldness.  The blogger, Peter, is a fantastic clothes sewer, an excellent tailor/draper who makes beautiful clothes for men and women.  Plus his blog is fun and approachable.  If you're at all interested in clothes sewing, it's worth following his blog or instagram.

4. I love starting new things!  I started a new quilt last week for our upcoming regional SAQA NM (also including TX/UT/WY and CO) show, Life Along the Rio Grande, and I'm hoping to be caught up enough to blog about it in something close to real time.  I'm going to be doing the print materials again, and got organized enough to do an official logo for the show!  If any of you are in SAQA, and live in any of those regions, you should consider entering.  The details can be found here on the SAQA NM webpage (scroll down through the meeting notes).

I hope everyone is hanging in there this week through (for us) the hot (and hot and hot and still hot and holy cow we still have to get through August) part of the summer.  Thanks as always to Lee Anna!


  1. now that's a dance-y skirt! It's very flattering. I love skirts over shorts. And growing things. These Thursdays sneak up on me too... last night I was in a panic about putting it together! Still... it's lovely to see everyone's list each week isn't it? Makes me happy!

  2. What is your plant called that grows the babies on its leaves? I think I used to have one of those, years ago! I hope you solve the mystery of the yellowing leaves. My tomato plant is doing that and I would love to know what I should do differently!

  3. Shannon, your plant looks like some kind of succulent which means it's fleshy leave store water. So most likely, the yellow leaves mean you are overwatering it. Especially since it's not in direct sun. If it has rooted (give it a tug and see if there is resistence), then let it get fairly dry before you water it again and then only water when the pot feels lighter. I know it's confusing, but after a while you tell.

  4. Your plant is called "Mother of Millions" and yes, it is a succulent. All those little plants on the mother plant will turn into new ones. Don't overwater and give it lots of sun. I kept one going for years by bringing it in for the winter.