Thursday, August 3, 2017

I like #28

Lots to like this week, and I hope you guys have all found pleasant things around you as well.

1.  I like fiber festivals!  I've been to lots of quilt shows, but never to a fiber festival before, but I had to drop a quilt off in Tulsa and my friend Melody wanted to go to the fiber festival, so we made a day of it.  It was mainly targeted at spinners and yarn aficionados.  There were so many beautiful beautiful batts and yarns and roving and even some unprocessed wool.  I didn't taken any pictures which I can't believe, the rainbows of colors were fantastic.  I don't need any yarn, so I promised myself I wouldn't buy any, but I did get a few miscellaneous things.  I also learned a ton, the vendors were so helpful at explaining things and demonstrating carding and spinning.  Fabulous!  The one we went to was Fiber Christmas.

2.  I love my pyrex!  Lots of people collect vintage pyrex and its very pretty.  I'm not much of a collector (apart from art supplies and my mom's pottery) but I have two pyrex pieces that were both hand-me-downs from my mom.  I use the white casserole dish fairly often, but I have several other pottery casserole dishes so it's not the most commonly used thing.  But that little brown pot is the single most used pot in my kitchen.  Since it's microwave safe, I use it for virtually everything I cook in the microwave, from re-heating leftovers to canned soup, to frozen vegetables.  It's also one of the few pots that in size/purpose I don't have a duplicate of.  I'd be very sad if it ever broke.

3. I love my Bullett dog!  I love my other dogs too, but Bullett is the only one who will sit still long enough to take a good picture.  I'm so pleased they leave my toads alone!  And on that note, we recently acquired (if acquired is the right term for something that has taken up residence in the backyard) another toad.  One is stripey and the other slightly plainer.  Bentley will still nose at them when he goes outside but after a quick nose-bump he wanders off and leaves them alone.

4.  I love using scraps and making bags!  Since I finished my latest quilt, (come back tomorrow to check out my post on it), I'm taking a breather and making a new handbag.  I have some fun upholstery remnants I'm going to make the body out of (the warm brown on the left, tapestry in the middle, and dark turquoise corduroy on the right).  As an accent fabric I'm going to use one ore more of the scraps of handwoven fabric that are pinned up around the edges.  My friend Georgia (who kindly gave me so much yarn and fabric) was a weaver and gave me the scraps of her handweaving.  They're mostly long strips with lovely colors.  Tell me what combination of main fabric/accent fabric (s) you like best!  I'm looking for opinions! You can see the colors a bit better in the detail shots.

 5.  I love this little walkway at work.  I go down it each day walking to and from the parking garage and it has such lovely large trees that arc over and create a very cool feeling shady lane.  In the fall it's gorgeous, I'll share some more pictures then.

Thanks as always to LeeAnna!


  1. I enjoyed reading about your dog! What a nice place to work! Looks shady and cool! Have a wonderful week!

  2. I have that same Pyrex dish as in your top picture! I must be of the same "vintage" as your mom, lol! I don't collect it either, although it is fun sometimes to see all the different patterns there are. What a sweet face your dog has, and the toads hanging around look interesting and fun!

  3. let's start with the bullet dog. That face is so sweet. You captured the attitude. I have that pyrex in the top picture too. I love my pyrex for every kind of cooking. I make tea in the 4 cup mixing bowl with a lid... tea, boiling water, lid, sit. I see what you mean about the magical pathway. It feels like into the woods, like magic garden. It's great you are aware of it each day, aware of the feeling it gives you.
    Some people would waltz right by and not notice.

  4. Pyrex is good stuff!

    Those are very round toads!

    I like the golds and reds for your upholstery fabric.

  5. I think the white casserole is Corningware. I have that pattern in two sizes and several sizes in the blue iris pattern. Also have small square ones with plastic covers that I use as refrigerator storage dishes. The brown dish may be Pyrex. I used to have some in blue and maybe aqua but don't know what became of them. Corningware lasts forever it seems, but the glass lids get chipped.
    Haven't seen any toads this year which is unusual especially since we've had a rainy summer.
    I look forward to seeing what you do with the purse.