Thursday, August 31, 2017

I Like #32

A lot going on this week, especially the tragic flooding in Houston, but here are a few things I'm liking all the same:

1. I like knowing that my friends in Houston are safe.  I'm lucky in that everyone I know who lives in Houston is safe, and though many have flood/damage to their homes, they are, in the end, ok.  Events like this make me grateful to just be able to keep going with my day-to-day drag.  It's a bit cliche, but true all the same.

2. I love my fun plants!  Not much is blooming now, but both of my plants I got at the farmers market earlier in the year are doing great.  One is growing these cool green leaves that almost glow because of how they're placed in the window.  The other, I think it's called mother of thousands, has it's happy little baby sprouts on the edge of the leaves as always, but just this week I noticed they're sprouting little roots so now the leaf looks furry!

3. I love school supplies and new pencils and markers.  It's always a challenge this time of year because it's so tempting to snatch up lots of fun colored folders and notepads and cool school supplies I don't really need.  This year I restrained myself to a single pack of regular number 2 yellow pencils. For anyone who is interested in pencils, I recommend the instagram account of CW Pencil Enterprise.  They're pencil connoisseurs and have all kinds of cool things.

4. I like quilting!  I got a lot of quilting done over this weekend, it was quite restful to have a whole day to work on things.  I love picking out thread colors for quilting and figuring out how I want to fill the space.

5. I like crossing things off of lists!  I've been fairly productive at work this week, largely because I'm going out of town tomorrow, and it's very satisfying to scratch things off as I do them.  Especially with my rainbow pens (see #3).  Of course there are a bunch of things I won't get to till I get back, but still....

I hope everyone is hanging in there this week, and thanks as always to LeeAnna for hooking us up!


  1. So, I make lists everyday but I definitely need some different colored pens! School supplies are so tempting nowadays and I don't even have school aged kids! I like the first plant photo. mary in Az

  2. lol. Your list looks a lot like mine - just more colorful. I like your plants. And I never get tired of seeing your quilting. Such good stuff. :-)

  3. I am a retired teacher, so always attracted to school supplies, even though I need a lot less of them nowadays! Your quiilting is just beautiful! It is pretty wonderful how restful that process can be!

  4. Your plants are really cool looking! Your quilting is amazing!!! Have a great week!

  5. cool plants. Of course I had to look at your rainbow reminder list. Baboon response is my fave. Love school supplies. Always loved them. New box of crayons, new shoes, new binder, very important as was the lunchbox.