Thursday, August 17, 2017

I Like #30

1.  I like painting different types of fabric and mixing colors and seeing what the results are.  A lot of my quilts involve painted fabric and sometimes really cool things happen.  I never seem to use the same fabric twice since I mostly am using up what people have so generously given.  This was some sort of heavyish polyester satin type fabric.  It's going to be an iris petal, but I thought the way the colors mixed and blended when I painted it was cool and unexpected.

2.  I like finding new fiber artists.  A friend of mine at work recently gave me a book by a Japanese embroidery artist named Hiroku Kobuta.  She's embroiders exquisite portraits of pets, mostly on shirts and mostly, but not exclusively cats.  This friend of mine has one of her pieces, and I was thrilled to see it up close.  I'm not sure she has a ton of web presence, but you can see her work on Flickr here.  Her shading is just beautiful.  One really cool thing is that her English book has page after page of detailed examples showing how she stitches and shades the cats, from the very beginning to the final stages.

3.  I love seeing new things growing.  We have gotten a fair amount of rain lately, and I went outside the other day to see that these giant mushrooms had popped up overnight!  So fun!

Thanks as always to LeeAnna


  1. The Japanese embroidery is lovely! mary in Az

  2. Oh that embroidery is great! Your fabric reminded me of an iris even before I read the post! Well done! Have a lovely day!

  3. Mushrooms! lol - I thought I was the only one who liked to see the wild way they grown in my yard. That embroidery is something else! Very cool.

  4. I immediately thought "Iris", too. Beautiful fabric. We have mushrooms popping up from decomposing tree roots of trees that have been taken down.

  5. I love painting on fabric. In the olden prequilting days I used to use the rollerball paint pens to color in quilts, then I did silk painting, then watercolors which led to watercolor techniques on fabric. Your colors blended so well and I know you'll do something fabulous with it. Lots of quilting lines.