Friday, August 4, 2017

New Sculptural Pieces

Back in May I blogged about this small sculptural piece I made out of an old quilt sandwich I painted, cut into a mariner's compass block, and then sculpted.

Recently I decided it might show better as part of a set and I wanted to see what other shapes I could make from standard-ish star blocks, so I made two more.  I drafted my stars slightly differently, and for one I wanted to see what would happen if I stretched the star out.  Once again I started with leftover fabric/quilt sandwiches so some of the pieces already had stuff on them before I started to paint over them.  Here are the front/back views of the two after I painted them and started the quilting.

And here are the stars after I started cutting them out.

And here are the two new sculptures.  The top one is the one that was elongated.

And finally a couple shots of all three together.  Photographing them was quite challenging!

These were fun to make, but something about them isn't as exciting to me as some of my other work.  It's hard to put my finger on, but maybe it's just that they feel a little too cutesy?  Part of it may be the color scheme- I picked it because I like these colors, but they don't feel terribly vibrant or compelling.  And part of it may be the curly frilly nature of them.  I'll have to do more 3D exploring in future!

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  1. I absolutely love them! This is such a clever idea!

  2. These sculptural pieces are amazing!


  3. To cutesy, no way, they are amazing. I don't know where your inspiration comes from, but I love it.

  4. Really interesting! Thanks för sharing

  5. Very intriguing, but I think you are correct about the color scheme. Perhaps high contrast colors that emphasize the shapes---fascinating curves and twirls--more than the blended colors you used. Great area for more exploration!

  6. What fascinating work. Very unusual. I like them!