Thursday, August 10, 2017

I Like #29

I'm very late today getting this up, but at least I'm not missing it!!  Several things to like this week in my arena, and I hope in yours as well!

1.  I like crafty friends!  A friend of mine named Trish Maxwell is a quilter here in OKC who makes memory quilts for people.  Her business is called Journey Quilt Co.  and her stuff is fabulous.  She's a super fun lady and it's always really cool to see someone who has made quilting a profitable business.  It's especially cool because though I know many professional longarmers who have profitable businesses, her business model is a bit different and I love that variety.  Anyway,  she made me a super super adorable wallet as a thank you present, and I was so excited!  Apart from being lovely, it's made from that cool new cork fabric (the outer pink) that I keep hearing about but hadn't yet seen or bought.  She said it was great to work with, and I think it would be really cool for bags (that seems to be what most people are doing with it).  Thanks Trish!!

2.  I like getting to see quilt/art shows!  This weekend was the opening of our annual juried fiber arts show for the Fiber Artists of Oklahoma.  It was wonderful to hear the jurors lecture, and to get to see the show.  My favorite part about this show is that since it's all fiber media, not just quilts, there's so much variety I don't often get to see.  There were lots of great quilts, but many of the things that caught my eye were other types of things.

Coral Dreams of the Life of the Jellies by Lynn Lucas

Daisy Domergue by Darcy Lenker

Sunset, by Janet Shipley Hawks

Red, White, and Blue, by Shan Goshom

3.  I like discovering new artists!  I'd never heard of Blake Conroy before, but he had an exhibit in a separate gallery space at the same place as our show was hung, and his work is fabulous!! He's experimenting with layers in a way very similar to what I want to do and have been doing, but at a much more detailed way.  I think from looking at them, that the layers in each of these pieces are cut (laser cut I think) from a light weight matboard.  So cool.

 4.  I like fixing things!  The electronic condenser on one of my microscopes broke this week, and I was so proud of myself for being able to take it apart, figure out what was wrong and fix it.  Sometimes it's the small things!

5.  I still like sailing!  We didn't get to fly the spinnaker last night because we were short crew, but as a result it was calm enough on the downwind legs of the race that I was able to get a couple pictures of the other spinnakers.  So pretty.

Have a great week and thanks to LeeAnna!


  1. I missed this last week. That wallet is excellent! The art is very cool. Huzzah for fixing things - I love when I can patch something together that I didn't think I'd be able to fix. And I am envious of the sailing. It looks lovely.

  2. So sorry I missed your post last week! What an interesting fiber art exhibit! I really liked the Life of Jellies one. So many amazing things can be done with fabric, needle, and thread!