Thursday, August 24, 2017

I Like #31

Welcome to another week!

Lots to like this week even though we're in a busy time at work between grant deadlines and the beginning of the fall semester.

1. I like Project Runway!  The new season just started, and it's one of the only shows I watch each week.  I don't like the drama, but I love watching what the contestants come up with in such a short time each week. We don't have cable, but you can watch live episodes a day or two after they air on the Lifetime website.

2. I love visiting my family!  I was down at my sister's this weekend for my nephew's 4th birthday party and it was so fun to get to hang out with them and play with the kids all weekend.  Such a privilege.  I love all the laughing and running around and it's so nice to get out of my head!  The party was minion themed and Becky and I made/decorated minion cupcakes for the party!

3. I  loved seeing the eclipse!  We weren't in the path of totality; I think our max was about 86%, but it was still really cool.  Some friends had eclipse glasses they shared so we were able to watch, and I took some pictures through an overexposed piece of x-ray film (not safe for viewing from what I understand, but it cut the light enough not to damage my camera).

4. I like live music!  On Sunday when I got back from Dallas, Mike and I went to listen to the last Norman Summer Breeze concert in the park of the year, and it was lovely.  We even took Bullett who had a great time sniffing other dogs. The musician was John Fullbright, and it was so fun.  He played the guitar and sang, but also was a great keyboardist and harmonica player.  Fabulous!  Here's Mike giving me the side-eye, he does not like having me take his picture.

thanks as always to LeeAnna for linking us up!


  1. I didn't get the neat tree-effects in my yard (even at 65% covered). Maybe my shade was too dense. I love that effect!

    Those cupcakes are fun!

  2. Love those cupcakes! What fun! Your eclipse pictures are great! We also saw those crescents through the leaves like yours - they were fascinating.

  3. Those Minion cupcakes are adorable!