Thursday, April 5, 2018

I Like #61

Another week of likes!

1.  I love Holy Week and Easter.  Our church choir sings at many services including the Maundy Thursday service,  candlelight Easter Vigil, and multiple Easter Sunday services.  I love being able to sing in multiple services,  that way we get to sing all my favorite music more than once.  This year we had a saxophone quartet accompany the organ and it was fun to have some extra big sound for all the joyful hymns and anthems.  Maundy Thursday is always a very moving solemn service for us, and I was able to snap this picture just before the service started.  Unfortunately it was about 35 degrees on Easter, so I was prevented from planting my flower beds in the afternoon.

2. However, things are blooming!  Spring is coming regardless.  It's supposed to freeze again tonight, but hopefully not hard, because all my trees are blooming. I adore adore adore blooming trees (!!)  The crabapple is covered with beautiful white flowers,  the redbud with gorgeous fuchsia flowers, and the apple trees are starting to bud out in pale pink/white.  I got fungicide for them, last year the apples had a really wretched rust fungus and it was awful.  Sadly it was cloudy the day I took the pictures, but it's so nice to have things blooming.

3.  I like bookplates!  I recently went to an exhibit of medical bookplates, and used it as a reason to round up some of my favorites.  I blogged about it here, so you can go check it out.  These are two of my favorites,  one from the exhibition and one from my library.

4. I like my pups!  Of course that's not news, but I snapped this picture last night and I couldn't help sharing it.  Bentley looks so reproachful, very disappointed that I put stuff in his chair, yet undeterred from cramming himself up there.

Thanks to LeeAnna for linking us up!


  1. Great likes! I hope your beautiful flowers stay intact despite the weather! Have a wonderful week!

  2. oh what great captures on the blossoms. I love that dogs don't sit around wringing their paws about what was, or troubles they've seen. They just cope. Snuggle up to fabric bins if necessary. After all it smells like Mama.

  3. Hi Shannon,
    Oh Bentley!! Yes, you are being given the why did you put stuff in my chair look, for sure! Your trees are just gorgeous - mine will not be blooming for a bit but it is definitely something to look forward to. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Happy looking pups. Ooh - I like the Mayan characters at the bottom of the first book plates. Your blooms are so nice to see - since we're slow going starting up locally.

  5. I love that red squirrel bookplate; I have so many of the little guys here.
    Your Maundy Thursday talk reminded me of all the hours in church when I was younger. I got so much out of it and sorry I drifted away.
    Bentley looks so cute having stuffed himself into that chair. They add so much to our days don't they.

  6. I love the blooming trees, too - ours are close! Your close-up shot of the blossoms was especially beautiful. Hilarious picture of your dog squeezed into the chair by the plastic bins - how dare you, Mom?! :)

  7. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful picture of your church's stained glass window! It's very inspiring! Love those blossoms and pups!

  8. I went to our Easter Vigil for the first time in several years (I was assigned as lector!) and I will be back ... it has so much meaning, from the blessing of the Paschal Candle to the water for the fonts ...

    Thanks for sharing your flowering trees ... we are under a(nother) Winter Storm Warning here ... glad to see things are blooming elsewhere!

    Oh, Bentley ... habits are hard to break even if Mama put stuff on the chair! But we don't have to look happy about it!

  9. Great likes! I hope your beautiful flowers stay intact despite the weather! Have a wonderful week!