Thursday, April 12, 2018

I Like #62

What to like this week?

1.  I like getting to visit my sister and the kids.  I went down to Dallas on Friday night because Anna's 6th birthday party was on Saturday.  We had a real blast, including a fun morning opening family presents, then a nice lunch with my sister's in-laws, followed by a pool party at an indoor water park.  That was a blast, the kids had lots of fun and I love swimming with them.  It was exhausting though; I was surprised by how many parents brought 5 and 6 year olds to a party at a water park and didn't expect to get in the water.  It meant multiple little kids to watch for each of us adults who were swimming, but everything was fine.  My sister had this fun idea for a fish cake made out of cupcakse and we had fun making it.  Anna and Alex helped putting on all the candy.  I really love getting to see them all!!  After the pool party we had a slumber party with a couple of Anna's friends, and all in all it was a nice weekend.

2.  I'm glad to know what's been wrong with Bullett!  He's been kind of off lately and late last week stopped eating completely.  I switched him to wet food, and he ate that, but I was really worried so got him in to the vet yesterday.  Apparently he has heart disease and lots of fluid in his lungs (which is not good at all), but they gave me several different medicines, and I think he's supposed to start feeling better soon (yay!!).

3. I love everything that's blooming!  I was short on pictures this week, but I went out this morning to spray some fungicide on my apple trees (last year they were completely devastated by rust fungus) and they were all covered in blooms.  They're the last ones to bloom.  It's been quite a cold spring here, or rather it warms up and then we get random cold snaps again.  Two weekends ago I was goign to plant the Dahlias, and it was cold on Easter.  Then it warmed up during the week last week, and then it snowed here this past weekend!  I think it's finally warming up for good though so hopefully I'll get to plant this weekend.

4. I love working on new projects!  I have several in process, but here's a sneak peek of the one I started while in California.  It's my Bentley Dog (in progress)!!  Hopefully more to come on all these quilts soon.

5.  I like getting to post about other things!  If you didn't catch it, this week I posted about one of my new not-actually dimensional quilts, and about the opening of one of our new quilt shows "Life Along the Rio Grande" and the catalog/promotional materials I made for it.  It opened on Friday at the Branigan Cultural Center in Las Cruces.  I wasn't able to get to the opening, but Betty Busby shared some great pictures of the show.  The show had tons of great quilts, I wish I'd gotten to see them in person, but I did get to look at the photos in depth while making the catalog.  One of my favorites is Hope Wilmarth's armadillo quilt (you can see it on the left side of the corner in the pic below).  I, as you may know, have a soft spot for armadillos.

Hope you all have a good week of things to like and thanks to LeeAnna for keeping us positive!


  1. Hi Shannon,
    Wow, your Bentley project is coming along nicely. It really looks great, and what a great use of small pieces from your stash. It is going to be AMAZING when it is complete. I'm glad to hear you found out what was wrong with Bullet! That's not great news, but as long as it can be helped with medication that's a relief. That pool party and birthday celebration sounds like SO much fun. I'm glad you could spend time with your peeps, and I'll bet your sister was so glad to have you around and as an extra pair of hands and eyes. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. I would love to be able to see the Life Along the Rio Grande exhibit in person - those quilts look amazing! Your Bentley project is pretty neat, too. That will be a lovely remembrance of him. Sending good wishes for Bullett to get better, too.

  3. Love that ridiculous fish. Wow. Bentley dog quilt is fantastic. Fluid on the lungs - yup, that will throw you off. I'm glad the meds are working well. Your triangle quilts are amazing. The Rio Grande exhibit looks so nice. Thanks for sharing.

  4. at first I thought that was the coolest appetizer with shrimp, til I read it's a cupcake fish. The rare cupcake fish. Love the display and quilts, omg and I love an armadillo too, there was a pattern a few years ago with a cool one. You should do one your style. Good you took bullet to the vet and he's on meds. Sheesh, getting older is not easy