Thursday, April 26, 2018

I Like #63

Another week of I Likes!

1.  I'll start with Bullett!  We went back to the vet earlier this week, and though the vet said his heart sounded bad, he was cleared to go on short walks.  He was coughing some this morning so I think we might need to go shorter, but we're all enjoying walking together.  And they've been snuggling with me more in the evenings, so yay!  Of course they always love a sunny patch.

2. I like building things!  I'm not actually much of a carpenter or anything, but I had fun this week building a floating frame for a quilt I mounted on stretcher bars, sneak peek below.  The quilt was a gift for Mike and I'll be back next week blogging about the whole project, but it was fun to build something new.  I decided I needed a miter saw to make it (rather than my very cheap old plastic miter box), and I was astonished by how much sawdust it generated!  I feel silly saying that, but of course it was pouring rain and my garage is so dark, so I decided I'd just use it inside my sewing studio.  Not to worry, extensive vacuuming saved the day, and I loved all the precise cuts from the saw!

3. I like baking!  I've been re-watching some episodes of the Great British Baking Show, and the other day I decided to make some yummy lemon egg yolk cookies from a recipe I got from my sister.  And of course since it only used the egg yolks, I had a bunch of whites left over so I decided to make meringue cookies too.  So tasty!

4.  I liked learning more about the history of Sesame Street!  One of the podcasts I really enjoy is called Part-Time Genius, and their most recent episode was all about the show.  Definitely worth a listen.  I really love podcasts, they are what I listen to most of the time. 

5.  I like rain!  It tells me spring maybe really is coming, and my plants are super happy.  More flower pictures next week hopefully!

Thanks as always to LeeAnna for keeping us positive!


  1. ooooo meringue cookies. GBBS yes! Sad to hear that bullet is feeling weak. More short walks and he'll feel like he's getting out more. He just wants to be with you. They look so companionable.

  2. Hi Shannon,
    I haven't made meringue cookies in ages, but yours sure look good and remind me that I enjoy them. The pups look so content laying in the sun. I can just feel how nice and warm that is - ummm. Yousa, that is a LOT of sawdust. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. I love meringue cookies too! Keeping Bullet in our prayers. Have a good week!

  4. I had to laugh at the picture of the sawdust - but glad it all worked out. You do the most amazing projects! I'm also glad that Bullett is doing better and able to start walking a little more.

  5. I have just discovered the World of podcasts. I really enjoy listening to them when sewing or cleaning. Your dogs look so sweet!

  6. All lovely likes. I miss having power tools - that miter saw looks nice! Baking... and you have a gas stove... I'm jealous.

  7. Oh those pretty red tulips look so inviting! Is that an African violet blooming? I used to have several of them and now have none - hmm, I need to fix that when it warms up in these parts. ~smile~ Roseanne
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  8. Oh Shannon, you are a talented soul. I can't imagine setting about to make something out of wood and using power tools! I love meringues and sometimes watching that baking show inspires me to get in the kitchen too.

  9. I like that British baking show also. I'm on to the Master Class now and wonder where I could find the recipes. You had a lot of nice likes. Thanks for sharing.