Thursday, June 7, 2018

I Like #69

Welcome to another week of good things!

1.  It's started to get pretty hot here but thus far has still been pleasant in the mornings and evenings, so I've been enjoying our walks with the dogs.  The trees are looking great lately, I love the pink flowering ones, and there are some truly lovely tree-lined walks at work.  I love trees!  Mine are still alive and being watered regularly, so hopefully they will have healthy fruit!

2. 80s Nostalgia!  For the last many years it seems like most lawn chairs of the cheap variety have been the kind that fold up and go in a bag.  Those are great for taking on picnics and ball games etc., but I have always had a purely nostalgic soft spot for the nylon and aluminum webbed lawn chairs that prevailed when I was a kid.  I remember so many different ones, most of them with one or two straps coming loose, or getting a little creaky.  When I saw this at walmart the other day it made me strangely happy and filled with fun memories of picnics and camping and white sands as a kid.  I almost bought one, but it seemed silly since I don't actually need any lawn chairs.

3.  I love having crafty friends.  My birthday is coming up, and my good friend Kristin sent me these wonderful socks as an early birthday present.  I love the bright colors and fine knitting.  It's wonderful to have friends who appreciate hand-made stuff like I do!!  Thanks Kristin!  Hopefully I can wear them soon- right now it's a bit hot for socks of any kind....

4.  Trying new things!  One of my local crafty friends, Kathy, is a big spinner and knitter and has recently gotten into wet felting.  She's been taking some classes and convinced me to sign up for one later in the summer.  I'm excited to learn, it's something I've never done before.  Earlier this week she invited me over to do some basic felting so that I could see how it worked, and kindly shared a bunch of her wool with me.  I made three little pieces and had a blast!  I'm not sure I'll do anything with them, but it was a great chance to try out something new and start to understand the process.  We worked in her gorgeous backyard (my backyard will never look like that) and it was a lovely evening.  She has a beautiful raised gated garden in her backyard, and when walking through it I saw this lovely St. Francis statue.  It reminded me of one my Grammy used to have.

5. Blackberries!  Some of them are getting very very close to ripe.  I'm trying to check them every day, I see the robins flying around all over the place and evidently blackberries are a favorite for robins.  I've thought about netting them, but it seems like such a pain, we'll see how it goes....

I hope you have had good things in your week, and thanks to LeeAnna for linking us up!


  1. Your trees and green spaces are so lovely! That would be a nice place to walk the dogs. I have a friend who makes felted wool things - it's so interesting how the felted item is so completely different from the original item!

  2. I liked those chairs too back in the day...great to use at the just had to be careful not to touch the medal parts.

  3. Your garden retreat looks so peaceful! The socks are fab! Have a great week!

  4. Hi Shannon,
    Aww to the Missy post. I can just SEE her with her nose pressed up to the garage door. And I love that quilt!! Anyhoo - back to today's post - those web lawn chairs!! Everything old becomes new again at some point, doesn't it?!! And YUM - your blackberries look fabulous!! I would steal some with the robins if I were closer. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Oh, look at those blackberries! We have some here, but they're wild and tiny. That pink tree is so pretty. And the felting looks neat.

  6. Oh you are getting berries-fantastic. I too love trees and especially the very old with many holes and signs that birds have used them. Felting is such a great thing to know how to's on one of my lists to learn. You can't beat hand knitted socks!

  7. Blackberries, I am jealous. Great socks. Love the tree. I think my mom called it a mimosa tree.