Thursday, June 28, 2018

I Like #72

Another week of things to like!  The blackberries are still going strong, and I've been snagging 3-4 each day to eat at the end my morning dog walk.  A couple of the dahlias are doing well too- I keep thinking they'll start blooming soon, so keep your fingers crossed.

I've been making progress on my Hotel of Bees shawl.  Since it starts from the wide end and gets progressively narrower, it gets faster as I go.  I feel like it's probably going to be a bit small, but I may be underestimating.    I'm loving the color scheme.  Most so far has been pink, but more of the white speckle and yellow are coming up soon.

I went to my first sci-fi/fantasy con (SoonerCon) over the weekend.  Some friends of mine invited me and I had a great time.  I attended lots of fun Science Fiction panels, as well as several talks by NASA astronaut Dr. Stan Love.  I love hearing about space and living in/visiting space, and the practical concerns about traveling in space.  I dressed up one day in the fun Star Trek costume I made a few years ago and it was a blast.  I remembered only the night before that I no longer had the communicator badge from when I first made the costume, so I whipped up a new one out of polymer clay and painted it with my grandpa's old hobby paints the next morning (ignore the stain on the top of the washer).  It always makes me happy to get to use those.  I also won a cocktail napkin from Gene Roddenberry's (the creator of Star Trek) Hollywood Walk of Fame after party as a door prize.  It was so fun and random.  I also thought the signs around the Sarlacc pit were fairly amusing.  On the other side was a big multi-part sign like you'd find on a zoo with all the natural history information about the Sarlacc.
In case you can't read it:  DO NOT CLIMB INTO OR FEED THE SARLACC PIT. Then in smaller letters underneath: THAT WOULD BE DUMB AND YOU WOULD PROBABLY DIE FOR REAL.  

I enjoy the slight cognitive dissonance of this photo.

One more thing to like: tasty cheesy potato-ham-tomato casserole.  Yum!

I hope you had a good week and thanks to LeeAnna for linking us up!


  1. Hi Shannon,
    Wow - that cheesy potato-ham casserole looks delicious! Would you mind sharing the recipe? It looks like you had a blast at SoonerCon. Your second badge turned out great, and it looks fitting on your costume. Your shawl is coming along nicely - going toward the narrow really does make it go faster. Happy Thursday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. SoonerCon sounds like a lot of fun! My younger son is a huge Star Trek fan and would really enjoy something like that!

  3. My sister would enjoy reading about your sci con experience. She is a massive Star Trek fan( can quote entire scripts of the tv show!). You look awesome in that photo, dissonance or not. Love the shawl, you talented being!

  4. what fun! and yum on the casserole.

  5. The con looks fun! And that is a fun photo of you. That casserole looks yummy!

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