Thursday, June 21, 2018

I Like #71

Things to like this week!

1.  I like my blackberries!  I'm checking them morning and night and eating them as soon as they're ripe, one or two at a time, because otherwise the birds snag them all.

2.  I like openings!  We had two great fiber shows opening this week, the first was OKC Modern Quilt Guilds summer gallery show. My friend Trish had a big quilt in the show, this really pretty pixelated gardenia.  It's huge, like maybe 100 inches on a side?

Trish Maxwell

There were lots of other great quilts, but one of the ones that stood out to me the most was this one, by Debbie Wanzer

Debbie Wanzer
The other cool thing was this awesome spring loaded rack.  They were using it to display small quilts, but maybe it is a print drying rack?  Anyway,  each layer is spring loaded so it stays up when you lift it.

The second show was Fiberworks 2018.  This is our annual all-fiber show, so there's lots of weaving, art quilts, felting, basketry and tons of other fiber and fiber-adjacent art.  It's one of my favorite shows to go see, if only because of the great variety every year.  

This was one of my favorite weavings, I love the patterns and bright colors.  It's by Mary Frances Pedro.

Mary Frances Pedro

Mary Frances Pedro
 Here I am with one of my quilts in the show.

This is my friend Charlotte with her gorgeous flower quilt,  it's a confetti background and beautiful thread painting in the foreground.  There were lots of other great pieces, but I didn't get too many good pictures.

Charlotte Hickman

Charlotte Hickman.

Fiberworks 2018 is at the IAO Gallery in and the OKC Modern Quilt Guild show is at ArtSpace Untitled, both in central OK.  Check them out this summer if you're in this part of the country.

3. I love my pups.  Obviously.  This week I accidentally mowed over Bullett's collar (which slips off his head because he has cone head).  It was shredded, so I made him a new one.  I had fun, but he was singularly uninterested in the proceeding.

Thanks to LeeAnna for linking us up!  Have a good week!


  1. Beautiful quilt shows...thanks for sharing. I really like the use of the spring loaded display...very creative and useful.

  2. Those look like interesting shows - lots of inspiration! Congratulations on having one of your pieces hanging in one! I love that you can make your dogs' collars - those would have to be much more interesting and prettier than what you can buy. :)

  3. Pretty collar. I'm interested even if he is not. That spring-loaded thing is great! And such lovely quilts. Yours looks great on the wall!

    Mmm... blackberries! All good stuff.

  4. Thanks for allowing us to see the exhibits too! I love your quilt! Have a wonderful day!

  5. How I love blackberries! We used to go to the Smokey mountains ever summer, and as kids we walked along roads, picking wild blackberries and eating them dirty and bumpy. Stunning quilts and yours is the best girl! How cool and unusual is that!

  6. So nice to see you there Shannon looking so happy, obviously enjoying all the inspiration surrounding you. And I well remember you making the fabric for your piece. It's amazing!