Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween-The Mom Years

I was inspired by Kenda to pull out some old Halloween crafty costume pictures to share.  She has made the best dinosaur costume (I want the tail really bad) for her son and the most clever skeleton costumes for herself and her husband.  Seriously, you should go check them out straight away.

Anyway, my mom is the most crafty art sewing person I know and she always made awesome costumes when my sister and I were little.  I have a few pictures from back then I thought I'd share since I don't have any kids to make costumes for now.  Maybe next year I can dig up some of the others.  I'm not really sure about some of the years; it's awfully hard to judge ages with all the costum-ery on!

c. 1987

c. 1988  That's me during my shirley temple curly hair phase.  The Snow White costume my sister is wearing was the most intricate thing I think my mom ever made us.  It had a bunch of separate pieces (the cape, the collar, the dress- not too mention the rather wretched wig) and was an absolute favorite in the dress up bin until we outgrew it.  Somewhere I have to find some better pictures of it.

c.1989  You can see we definitely reused costumes. Hand-me-downs are the way to go.  Also, yes, I am wearing a pom-pom on my head.

c. 1990  Simple matching kitties that year!

What are your kids dressing up as this Halloween?


  1. Love the year of the Kitties! Well, it's been years now since I had to worry about making costumes for my own kids. The last costume I made was for a little boy I took care of...he was crazy about Peter Pan so I made him a Peter Pan outfit that he loved and wore long after Halloween was over. My first Halloween costume is forever etched in my mind! I was probably five or six when I had my first costume(Way over 40 years ago!). There was a Casper the Ghost mask that I had to have and it even glowed in the dark! My mom simply cut a hole in an old sheet and I was an instant ghost! Other costumes were a rotation of gypsy, the standard pirate and witch throughout the years,

  2. Wow, thanks for the plug!!!! that Snow White costume looks awesome!! I imagine that the best costume for dress-up. Love the face paint with the costumes. I always forget about adding face paint!

  3. Oh, and send me your waist size, and I'll whip up a dino-tail for you. :-)

  4. Thanks Kenda! That Snow White costume really was the best. I remember being so angry when we were too big to wear it anymore!

    KM- thanks for the comment and for stopping by! It makes me happy to think about your Peter Pan costume, I always thought one of the defining characteristics of a great costume was how often you wanted to put it on again after the holiday!