Thursday, October 5, 2017

I Like #37

It's been a strange week here, I've been feeling under the weather, and anxious and worried, but digging deep there are still some good things!

1.  I like being back at choir rehearsal.  I'm sad that sailing season is over but I am glad to be back at choir rehearsal.  I've been singing on Sunday mornings the last few weeks but kept feeling behind since I missed rehearsal.  Our church is under construction and our choir room flooded last year, so we're in a state of upheaval.  To compensate for the fact that a lot of the music was damaged and/or is currently inaccessible, we got new a new book of choir anthems we're singing out of this fall.  In typical fashion my first instinct is to not like them (because they're not my old favorites), and then after learning them realize how fun it is to learn new things and how nice they are.  Yes, I roll my eyes at myself.  After accidentally picking up someone else's book several times I decided to make a cover for mine which I was going to share today but I seem to have lost the pictures.  I'll have to take some more.

2. I like embroidery.  Lately I find that I have lots of quilt deadlines and they're causing me some anxiety which unfortunately translates to lack of enthusiasm/motivation, and I've been finding that what I enjoy most is my embroidery.  I finished my goldwork fox (I turned him into a brooch) and will have a full post up about him tomorrow, but here's a sneak peek.  My next project is an embroidered prayer book cover and I got that designed.  It'll be a very-long term project, but I'll share progress along the way.

3.  I like crocheting new things.  I haven't been doing much crochet work, as my time at knit night has been spent doing embroidery, but our knitting group decided we'd make booties for new babies in the parish, so I whipped up these.  The baby they're for is already three months old, but even so I think they're way too big, but they turned out cute anyway.  As usual, I struggle with things that need to be a certain size, but I'll get better!

3. I like the ceramics of Jennifer McCurdy.  Her work is absolutely gorgeous, and she captures in porcelain the airiness and grace I'm striving for (but not usually attaining) in my openwork quilts.

Thanks to Lee Anna as always for being such a great friend and motivator!


  1. Hi Shannon,
    Oh my goodness, I love those little booties! They are just too cute, and I know from first hand experience that those smaller sizes do not stay on anyway. Looks like that size will at these be worn and not kicked off in a second. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Your embroidered fox is wonderful, and I will definitely come back to see more about him! I love how each season may be the ending of one favorite activity, but bring back another favorite. Enjoy your choir singing time!