Friday, October 20, 2017

I Like #39

Well I'm too late for LeeAnna's link up this week, but I didn't want to miss a week of sharing.  This has been a crazy stressful week at work, so one of the main things I'm liking is that it's Friday!

1. I like flowers!  As I was walking to my car the other day I passed this flowering tree with the most interesting blooms/fruits/who knows what (if anyone knows what it is please let me know).  In spite of the fact that I've worked in this building for eleven years, I've never noticed this tree before and its really cool!  Also blooming this week are my new sunflowers!  These are totally serendipitous, the result of the [stupid] squirrel that dumped our birdfeeder almost every single day this week.  At first the stuff sprouting underneath it looked like weeds so Mike just mowed over it, but when he realized it was growing something that might be cool he left it to grow!  And now I have two new large blooms and sunflowers that are about two feet high!!  So cool!!

2. I love fall birds.  Every year in the fall we get this giant flocks of small black birds.  I have no idea what they are but they are so cool en masse.  You see them by the hundreds along power lines, traffic lights and rooftops.  Back when I used to have to park on the roof of the parking garage, it was simultaneously less cool (because of tons of car bird poop) and more cool because you'd walk or drive through and these huge huge crowds of them would just all rise up at once.  They lend such a fun halloween/fall/witchy air to things, especially in the evening with the colorful sunset....

3. I like getting to do new science.  A lot of my job (kind of like most people's probably) winds up involving paperwork and compliance and different types of busy work.  But I have a huge grant deadline coming up and while no one particularly likes writing grants, they are a really nice chance to dig deep into the scientific literature, think creatively about new experiments, and remember why we're scientists to begin with.  Unfortunately it also means very little sewing, but I'm thinking positive!!

Happy week everybody!


  1. That looks like a magnolia of some sort.

  2. the red against the green got your eye! It's cool. We have weeds growing under the feeder... wah no sun so no sunflowers. Glad you got to follow your passion with the grant. It's what makes work exciting amid the humdrum. I hear similar stories here. It's really exciting to bid for new work as it involves thinking and research.

  3. Yes, as Anonymous says, that is indeed a magnolia. They have lovely, large cream-colored flowers earlier in the year. Some of them have a lemony smell.