Thursday, October 26, 2017

I Like #40

Another week of things to like! 

1. I like getting things finished!  Sometimes I feel like that's not in the spirit of "I like" but it's a positive in my life.  Last weekend I finished my iris quilt, more of an abstract 3D fiber sculpture, and someday I hope to get together a series of posts on it, but for now here's a close up sneak peek.

2. Hand in hand with #1, I like starting new things.  My next project is another experimental-flying-by-the-seat-of-my-pants project, I have no idea whether it will work, but the first step was painting and then cutting up this quilt which I never thought was very successful.  It was a bit scary, but I jumped right in.  Now it's been cut up into a ton of small triangles, so we'll see where it goes next!

3.  I like making small things.  I wear a lot of colorful dangly earrings, and this weekend took the opportunity of reworking some old silver earrings I didn't wear much and adding some happy green dangles to them.  I had a weird shortage of green earrings which has now been filled.  And while on that track I also made up a little knotted bracelet using some beads from my stash, it kind of reminds me of a slightly more grownup version of the ones we made as kids.

4.  I love my flowers!  I still haven't remembered to take a picture of my chrysanthemums, or a better picture of my sunflowers, but they're still going strong.  It might freeze this week, I'm not sure if I need to protect them somehow.  I did manage to get another picture of my work geranium, it keeps blooming but is horribly leggy.  I wish I knew how to make it fill out a bit instead of having these long stalks with one flower at the end.

I hope there are things happening in your week that provide some sparks of joy or happiness, and thanks to LeeAnna for keeping us linked up!


  1. I love the colors in your iris quilt! It's gonna be 96 here today, so I envy your cooler weather! Enjoy. mary in Az

  2. Hi Shannon,
    Isn't getting things accomplished just the best?!! I agree, I like it too. Very much - I love making a list and then checking things off of it. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Those earrings are neat! I like finishing and starting projects, too. I think it's a legit like. :-)

  4. I really enjoy seeing your art quilts, Shannon! I love that you were brave enough to take something you weren't happy with and cut it up to do something different! I have a small quilt like that -should I go for it?! :)

  5. Totally love the colors in No. 1 image.
    You can cut those geraniums and restart them. It will revitalize them and they will bloom better.

  6. What great pieces you made...I have a real love of homemade jewelry. To get your geranium to thicken up you must pinch it at the joint where there is new growth. I'm sure there is a video on youtube to show you what I mean. Also, geraniums love old coffee...either the grounds or the brew. Your geranium will be beautiful with very little work. Have a good weekend.

  7. Your bracelet is very cute. Also like your dangely green earrings. Can't wait to see your Iris piece looks gorgeous. I have wild geraniums in my yard....Urgh I spend a lot of time pulling them. But I have a gorgeous peach geranium on my porch that didn't get leggy which I a thrilled with.

  8. Wow! I love the wonderful projects! The jewelry is great, especially the bracelet! Have a wonderful day!