Thursday, August 9, 2018

I like #78

Welcome to another week of I likes!

First like is from last weeks blog list of I likes!  Last week Sally from Crafts Cavies and Cooking shared a picture of this George and Martha sculpture in her local park.  It was part of a kids sculpture program and I think it's awesome.  I LOVE George and Martha!!! I still have a couple of the George and Martha story books from when I was a kid. I especially love the one where George poured his pea soup in his shoes. I think the idea was that he didn't want to tell Martha he didn't like the soup, and in the end she said he should just be open with her, but I've always loved the mental image of a giant hippo pouring soup in his shoes. So fabulous!

I like my pups!  I feel like we're progressing, we haven't had (knock on wood) too much door frame chewing, and I put non-skid patches under the couch, so they've stopped pushing it across the room.  They did manage to take the cover off the dog bed (where bentley is sitting it should be green not white), but all together things are going well.  We've been having lots of rain, and yesterday morning they insisted they still wanted to go for a walk even in a torrential thunderstorm, so I suited up and out we went.  Of course they went one block before deciding they didn't like walking in the rain.  Is it insane to tell your dogs "I told you so"?

I like my family!!  The other day I found this picture of two of my cousins, Annie and Virginia c. 1960 while desperately searching for the non-skid stuff to put under the couch.  They were so cute!  They live in Tucson, and usually we all meet at my parents in New Mexico for Thanksgiving.  This year I'll get to see them at a family wedding on New Year's Eve.

I like banana bread!  In searching the freezer for something else, I realized that my dead banana pile was growing unreasonably large, so I made up a ton of banana bread.  Hooray!  Now it's in the freezer, though I also took some to the church and have given some away.  Tasty!

I love my plants!  I picked up this sewing table at goodwill the other day for $20 to use as a stand so I could have some plants in the bedroom.  Its top folds out on both sides (that's why the table cloth is so long) so I can add more in future.  There's actually a singer 301 inside it along with a ton of accessories.  I'm not sure whether it works or not, but I don't really need any more sewing machines anyway.  

It's been kind of nice having all the pieces for the big Capitol show done, (thus the plants and baking, etc.) and while I had out that pretty fabric for the table I sewed up a quick case for my light box.  It's fun to do some of these small projects, and I really like this fabric.

I hope you're all having a good week!  Thanks to LeeAnna for linking us up!


  1. It cracked me up that your dogs could actually move the couch! But glad you found a solution to that! Yum - banana bread! That's one of my favorites. I just made a loaf of zucchini bread to share with my quilt group this afternoon. The case for your light box is great!

  2. $20 for that cabinet? SCORE! All that banana bread looks good and smart.

  3. Ooh - you really did like George and Martha. :-) "dead banana pile" - LOL! That's a great description. And look at all that banana bread. yum. I am so amused at the thought of your dogs pushing your furniture around. Thank goodness guinea pigs can't do that - they're very opinionated on where things belong in the cage. I like that fabric, too. Lots of good stuff this week!

  4. Hi Shannon! HAHAHA - no it is NOT insane to tell your dogs I told you so. They totally deserved it! Oh my, your cousin's bangs. I had those same ones circa 1963 or so. My DAD cut them over the toilet so they were very often crooked and had to be cut shorter. Yum, yum, yum - I love banana bread. You are tempting me to make some! Happy Thursday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. lol dead banana pile, those rascally dogs!! Great picture, capturing their personality plus the depth of field. Great find on the sewing machine/table!!!