Thursday, August 23, 2018

I Like #80

Welcome to another week of I Likes!

1.  I like that summer might end soon!  I really don't like summer or the heat.  This year has actually been fairly easy here temperature wise, but it's rained and rained and rained this month which means the humidity has been very high, the grass has been growing like mad, and it's still hot.  Someday fall will be here!

2. I love libraries!  I like them in person and I like their electronic offerings via my phone app.  This week I found the library card I had as a teenager from our local public library and it immediately brought back memories of the really wonderful punch machine the library had that recorded on the book card who had the book.  That machine made the most satisfying crunch noise...

3. I love working on new projects. Here's a sneak peek of the quilt I'm working on.  The deadline for it is September 5th, but right now I'm a little stalled on next steps.

4.  I love the pups!  Here's Blue, anxiously waiting for me to toss the ball.  NOW MAMA!

5.  This weekend we had the Captain Morgan race out on the lake.  It's not really a race, the organizers dump a ton of rubber ducks in the lake and everybody sails around trying to grab as many as they can while simultaneously throwing water balloons at the other boats.  There was no wind, so mostly everybody except the teeny boats just motored, but that was ok since we had a lot of people on the boat anyway.  It was pretty fun.

Hope you're all having a good week and thanks to Lee Anna for linking us up.


  1. The Captain Morgan activity looks fun! Whenever we move, the library is one of our first stops at our new location.

  2. LOL! The Captain Morgan sounds like so much fun! Love my library - and I agree with you about summer. This week has been so much more comfortable (but I hear it may be warmer next week). You create some fascinating stuff - and all so different. I really enjoy your creations.

  3. I love the library, too! I was just at ours this morning - I've had a library card there since 1977! Your new project looks fascinating, like a topographical map. And that race sounded like fun!

  4. fun!!! can't wait to see what you're making. Water balloons and rubber duckies? Hilarious ! Blue is a pretty boy with a sincere face.

  5. Hi Shannon! The boat race sounds very fun! HAHA - I can just see people throwing water balloons at you while you're trying to scoop up a duck. Oh boy, I love the library too. I've gone to visit ours weekly as a small child - could hardly wait to get new books. Now I rarely get to go because of the hours I work far away, but I still appreciate their online offerings. And Blue is so handsome - throw it already!! Happy Thursday to you! ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. Your likes are varied. That's fun. Cool art quilt in the making.

  7. Hi Shannon, how are the socks coming? You've got a little while before you'll be needing them, from the sounds of it. :)
    I adore the library and like you, have been a member since about 9 years old; with my recent birthday that is 58 years of wonderful borrowing and reading! And I'm glad I've kept up with the online end of things too.
    Wonderful time on the pond and a new project in the works...all good stuff.