Thursday, November 28, 2019

I Like #141

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  I hope you all are able to celebrate with friends or family today.  I'm extremely grateful for this fantastic online community of bloggy friends that help make Thanksgiving and things to like every week!  Yay LeeAnna!!

I'm super excited to be home with all my family this weekend to celebrate the holiday, so just a short check in today.

1.  I like being with the kids!  I just got here yesterday but we've already had hours of fun and games.  It snowed yesterday and the kids loved playing outside in it.

2.  Unofortunately this week the dogs unstuffed the footstool again, but I love them anyway.  Look how proud they are of their "work"

3.  I saw this restaurant sign on the way driving yesterday and it made me laugh.  I love velvet but I'm not sure about a velvet taco!

4.  Bentley is so attached to my mom!  As soon as I get here he jumps right up with her and doesn't want to move!

5.  And I loved this artist Shauna Richardson.  She makes beautiful Crocheted-dermy sculptures.  Click on through to see them.

Happy Thanksgiving to all and head over to LeeAnna's for things to like.


  1. Puppers! What are you doing??! lol. Those crocheted animals are crazy. Love the photo of your mom and Bentley. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Oh the look on that face though. How could you be mad? Amazing crochet. Great photos of your familia. Enjoy the time with them.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Shannon! So glad you're with your family and enjoying them all. That is quite a look of guilt on the pups' faces!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving. I especially love the photo of Bentley with MOm.

  5. Hi Shannon! I love that photo of your mom with Bentley. They do look quite proud of themselves for unstuffing the footstool. Umm, good job?!! It looks like you had a lovely Thanksgiving. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. blue looks a little sorry for the unstuffing. Your mom and bently, priceless. Glad you're having a nice visit....Love, LeeAnna