Thursday, March 26, 2020

I like #157

Hi Everybody, welcome to my corner of the internet!  I hope everyone is hanging in there in the face of our current pandemic.  Communities like this one give me so much hope and support.

Things to like this week:

1.  I like Zoom!  Last weekend we did our SAQA annual conference (which was supposed to be in Toronto) via the virtual zoom platform and even though it wasn't nearly as good as being there in person it was really great.  Lots of fantastic content interspersed with virtual meeting rooms where we could talk to one another and see one another in small groups.  I presented at it which was pretty fun too.  My mom has also organized a few meetings for our extended family that have been lots of fun. 

2.  I like quiche!  I'm having a blend of going into work (many of our animal experiments have to have people and can't be stopped), and working from home as much as possible, and one benefit of that is that I can start things cooking that I normally wouldn't be able to.  Yesterday I made a "refrigerator quiche" with random leftovers and it was delicious.

3. The pups are such a great comfort for me.  They also make very good co-workers.  Snuggly and sweet, though not super productvie.

Bentley oozing off the pouf.

Blue is covered in mud from running around in his favorite (grassless) parts of the backyard.  Snuggles anyway,

3.  I like spring!  This little guy was super cute (as long as they stay away from my birdfeeder).

All the flowers up top aren't mine, but this is my redbud tree.  It's so pink and makes me very happy!

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  1. Zoom is clearly getting a work out lately - so many have commented how much they like it. The pups are looking pretty chill. I've given over to the squirrels on our bird and suet feeders. It's not worth my time trying to battle them, and they keep Wilbur amused. We are waiting for blooming things here; still in the brown and dreary stage!

  2. What an amazing time to live in...imagine being able to meet up on the internet like that. My squirrels torment the feeders but luckily it doesn't deter the birds anymore. We just had our walk in a mess of wet old leaves...need some sun to dry everything out.

  3. Hi Shannon! The pups look like good companions. The flowers look fab - ours aren't blooming yet. The tree!! Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing some Spring with us. Stay healthy and safe. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. I love seeing redbud trees in bloom - so pretty! I imagine all the cats and dogs of the world are happy to have their people home more right now. That picture of muddy Blue is hilarious!

  5. Look at all those tulips! Things will bloom later here than they did on the coast - so we're still a week or two away from seeing buds. Interesting colors on that squirrel - I like the red tummy. Your pups are happy. :-)

  6. Your tulips are blooming! We are only at the daffodil stage right now! The puppies are adorable, laughed like crazy at the mud on Blue! :D Stay safe and thanks for the inspiration!

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    Spring is really popping out there! Yea! those pups... so sweet.