Thursday, July 30, 2020

I Like #174

My nephew Alex has been with me this week and it's been lots of fun!  I love him and his sister so much, and it's always great when they can come and stay with me. We're just staying in, but we've been playing board games and growing crystals, and tonight we're going to watch Harry Potter. Here he is with an ice cream bar sitting with one of the plants I rescued from the clearance bin a couple weeks ago.  It's blooming now so yay!

Love the pups!  They're doing well,  I took them down to Dallas this last weekend when I went to get Alex, so Blue had tons of fun playing with his cousin Auto.

While in Dallas, I helped my sister make this cool utensil caddy for her home school room!

And visited the sweet rats Cotton and Puffy.

Alex and I got a kick out of these geese,  traffic was stopped to wait for them to cross the road.  I like geese fine from inside the car.

The dahlias are going along well,  this coral one really exploded this week as we've finally had a bunch of rain.

And I was thrilled to see a new dahlia popping up in one of the pots where the storm killed my big beautiful one.  So cool.


I blogged this week about a project I finished in June that was inspired by my experience at home during COVID-19.  Of course we're still in it, so I don't have any overall reflections yet, but you should check out the quilt here

I hope everyone is staying healthy! Click over to LeeAnna's for more things to like!


  1. How wonderful to have auntie time... i loved doing that with nieces and nephews, and they liked being the only ones for a while too. Blue has the most soft face, and it's heartwarming how he loves Auto. your flowers!!! The coral one is a delicious color! Your quilts are so meaningful Shannon. It's a war of attrition now, with covid, and we're all tired of fighting it as well as the citizens who won't acknowledge it's presence. If everyone was careful we could all breathe easier but...

  2. I think I missed your post last week, Shannon, so I had to go and get caught up! Your dahlias are always beautiful, and I loved that picture of Blue all stretched out - I bet he is cooler that way. So fun to have your nephew visiting. Making crystals sounds like fun! I loved your latest art quilt, symbolizing your family's time together - beautiful!

  3. Hi Shannon! They pups look great. I've bet they are enjoying the Alex visit as much as you are. How nice that he can come and stay for a bit! ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Shannon, I'm so glad your nephew is visiting you. I've been thinking a lot about your this past week since you posted that you are alone. I guess the Mama in me worries about you. I hope you have a wonderful time with Alex! Cheers!

  5. I enjoyed reading your last post too Shannon. I like how your family ties inspired you to make something so unique and beautiful. I also did some reading on the Episcopalian church...very interesting.
    How sweet to have your nephew with you and that he is gung ho to engage in these neat activities.
    The pups are lucky to be owned by you!

  6. How fun to have kiddos around. Your dahlias are lovely. I like your rescued plant.

  7. Puppers! Rants! And that caddy is so cool! Another beautiful quilt. Lovely, as always.

  8. That’s a pretty cool holder for schooling. Your nephew is too cute. Looks like the rain is doing your garden well.