Friday, May 30, 2014

Rainbow over the Seven Sisters

After several years in my UFO pile, my rainbow star project is finished.  The official name is Rainbow over the Seven Sisters since the center of the medallion is the seven sisters block.  I've blogged about it before, but a short recap-  the center is all hand pieced, and the border is machine pieced.  The quilting is all 100 wt. silk thread, and I resisted the urge to quilt-to-death.  The quilting features secondary star rays extending into the background, and I was sort of sorry that the quilting in the darker colors (red/blue/purple) didn't show up as well on the background as I'd hoped.  Also, most unfortunately, the red fabrics bled, so there are a bunch of red stains on the white fabrics. Seeing the stains irritates me every time I see them, but I guess it's my own fault.  I should know by now to pre-wash, especially dark intense hand-dyes.  It's 20" square, and I'm pleased it's finished!

Rainbow over the Seven Sisters, 2014, 20 x 20, Shannon Conley

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ring Bearer Pillows

Just a heads up for anyone who hasn't seen it already, it's voting time in the Blogger's Quilt Festival!  You should definitely head over and check it out!

My dog quilt is in the Art category, and Ring Around the Mole is in the Home Machine Quilted category.

Today I just wanted to share a little crafty project from a few months ago; my friend Linda from work was getting married and asked if I could help her make some ring pillows.  She found two she liked, I think they're from Martha Stewart's site, and one afternoon we whipped them up.  

Her fantastic wedding photographer Jaime Tardiff from Aptera Studios sent me these pictures to post.  It's so cool to have professional photos!

Congrats to Linda and John!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Bloggers Quilt Festival: The Dogs

Welcome to those who are clicking through from the Blogger's Quilt Festival!  Many thanks to Amy for hosting and organizing it all.  I'm entering two quilts, this one is in the Art Quilt category.

These are based on my photographs of the dogs which were digitally manipulated and then printed on fabric.  They were heavily threadpainted, then each panel was quilted individually (on my Janome 7700).  The background is a whole separate quilt, in which silhouettes of the dogs are thread sketched via bobbin quilting in the background. The remainder of the background was free motion quilted.  Each quilted dog portrait is mounted on the background by stitching only the top edge down, so the panels hang freely.  To see more posts about this project, click on the Dog Portrait tag.

The label text reads:  

"The Dogs"  Bullett, Missy, and Pumpkin.  Now there are four and Pumpkin is gone but they are all always in our hearts.

At some point I'll have to do a project incorporating the new two (Bentley and Shooter), but for now these three are staring out at me, filled with personality.

The Dogs.  c. Shannon Conley, 2013, 29"x 49"




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Bloggers Quilt Festival: Ring Around the Mole

Welcome to anyone clicking through from the always fabulous Bloggers Quilt Festival.  Super shout out to Amy for hosting and organizing it all!  I'm entering two quilts, this one in the Home Machine Quilted category.

It's called "Ring Around the Mole", and is an original design I made using primarily adobe illustrator.  It features one or more mammals from each order/superorder represented in Oklahoma (the state where I live).  My mom came up with the name and it really struck my fancy.  Not least because the moles are the hardest animal to identify so I think having them in the title really helps.

Ring Around the Mole, Shannon M. Conley, c. 2014 62" x 62"

This is the label.

In twelve-days-of-Christmas fashion, there are:

32 bats
20 armadillos
20 prairie dogs
16 opossums (with 64 baby opossums)
16 mice
12 rabbits
8 moles
4 bison
4 deer
4 bobcats
4 coyotes
(but no partridges or pears....)

The quilt is constructed entirely from apparel fabrics.  The only 100% cotton fabric used was for the backing.  It's mostly different silks and polyesters in all kinds of weaves including velvets, and some weird microsuedes (which I think are also polyester).  I also painted and used some evolon, a non-woven stuff that feels gross but looks pretty cool and is easy to work with.  The white/ivory background is a polyester bridal satin.

Each animal has a beaded eye, except the mice who have thread eyes, and the moles who have no eyes at all.  Even the bats each have two little black bead eyes you just can't see in the picture.

The quilt contains two layers of batting, one layer of cotton and one layer of wool.  It was all free motion quilted on my janome horizon 7700 home sewing machine.  All the background quilting is 100 wt. YLI silk thread (if only I could afford more of this).  The quilting on the animals is mostly 40 wt polyester (glide and isacord are my favorites).  It was actually quilted twice- the first time the animals were quilted with only the top and a single layer of batting.  Then I layered the second layer of batting an backing and quilted the rest.  This way, the animals puff in a faux-trapunto way, but still have thread quilted detailing.

The final quilt is 62 x 62 and is finished with a facing contoured with the shape of the bats.

View of the back.

This was been a fairly emotional and draining project for me, and I learned a lot about things and ways of doing things that I want to avoid in future.   I really hope you enjoy seeing it!  Many thanks to my dad Doug for taking all the pictures, it's a really hard quilt to photograph.

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Fiberworks 2014 Opening

I'm still here, sewing away in the background.  Just wanted to pop in to say that I have had two pieces accepted into Fiberworks 2014, a fiber arts show put on by the Fiber Artists of Oklahoma.  The show runs from May 16th to June 10th at the Individual Artists of Oklahoma Gallery at 706 W. Sheridan, Oklahoma City.

The opening is Friday May 16th from 6-9, and the show is sure to be fantastic, we have a ton of excellent fiber artists in the area and it's so wonderful to be part of a show that features so many types of fiber arts besides quilting.

The two pieces I have in the show are Do You See What I See, and S is For...#2

I hope if you're in the area or passing through that you'll stop and see the show!