Quilts: 2014

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The Yucca and the Moth, c. 2014, Shannon Conley

Rainbow Over the Seven Sisters, 20 x 20, 2014, Shannon M. Conley

Cuttlefish, 2014, 12x12, Shannon M. Conley

Lights at Chesapeake #1, 2014, 7x10, Shannon M. Conley

Do You See What I See, 2014, 24x37, Shannon M. Conley

Ring Around the Mole, 2014, 62x62 Shannon M. Conley


  1. Saw this piece in Ruidoso yesterday. Loved it (I have aparticular facination with armadillos) and was pleased to see you are next door (I live in Norman). What an amazing show! Almost seems insulting to call these works of art quilts. Thanks for making Oklahoma look good.

    1. Thanks Dale, I'm so glad you got to see the show and enjoyed the quilt! I too have a particular fascination with armadillos, dating back decades to before I lived out here. For some reason I was convinced they were huge (cow-sized) and my family will never give up teasing me about it....