Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More Pouches!

At this point, I've lost track of how many posts about pouches I've done, but here's one more for you guys.  I know at this point no one needs step-by-step instructions, but I thought I'd quickly drop in and show some pictures of the ones I made to put in the stockings of my young cousins and Mike's grandkids.

They're all standard zip-top pouches.  The only one that was a little different was this one which I made out of some strip sets left over from Mike's Lone Star quilt.  Since it's cut on the angle, it was a little hard to put together, but came out fun-shaped.  It's for my cousin Ashley, she's graduating from high school in May and planning to join the Marine Corps, so I hope she likes the patriotic colors.

Here it is in progress and finished

Here are the other four, again, they're just regular (lined) zip top pouches.  On the bottom two I couched on some fun silver yarn I had sitting around.

I hope they are well-liked by their recipients!  How are you guys coming with gift-crafting?


  1. I adore each one!

    And I am doing HORRIBLY on my Christmas crafts. Seriously think they will go in the "next year" pile...

  2. That angled pouch is pretty sweet! I've started the mad rush of Christmas presents this week. We are celebrating Christmas with my side of the family this weekend so I'm in crunch mode.

  3. Yay, these are really awesome! I still like the tetrahedron the best though! I like the one for Ashley, I guess I thought she was a junior this year (oops!).