Thursday, September 12, 2013

Black and White and Read All Over

Saturday very very early I'm leaving to meet Mike (who is already up north with the motorcycle) for a week of hiking and motorcycling in Glacier National Park.  I'm super excited, I love National Park trips and Glacier is lovely.  Luckily my good friend Justin always housesits for us so the monsters don't get too lonely.

I've been trying to decide which hand project to take on the trip-  since we're traveling on the bike it has to be something pretty small.  I'm thinking about one of Carina's embroideries, but we'll see if I get sufficiently organized in time.

Before going though, I wanted to share this recent finish.  It was also made for the black and white  and one color challenge I talked about last week.  It's not the terrible one which made me so frustrated with the pink blotches but a second piece I made by combining two of the other versions of this print I designed (the bottom two).

It's actually a fairly simple piece, I quilted the four parts individually and then bound them all together.  The white stripes you see between the panels are actually empty space, not white sashing.  The only tricky thing was figuring out how to fold/lace together the binding where it crosses.  I wound up using button holes and it worked fairly well. 

Black and White and Read All Over, c. Shannon Conley, 2013 18 x 24

I'm pleased I was able to do something with these prints, I had fun making them and thinking about books that have influenced me over the years.


  1. Nice do-over! It came out excellent (though I'm also a big fan of the warewolf claws too!)

  2. I love this! How did you achieve that huge pink fingerprint?