Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Christmas Ornament For Mike

Happy 2015 everyone!  I hope the new year starts out with hope for all of you.  I don't really do too well with resolutions (although does it count if I had grapefruit for lunch?), but I think my goal in 2015 is going to be being more active.  Not active as in busy, I'm always plenty busy, but active as opposed to passive in the face of life challenges.

We were privileged to have a wonderful break over the holidays at my parent's house and luckily my sister and her family were able to be there at the same time as we were so we got to see and hang out with the fabulous kiddos.  Anna and Alex get more fun every time I see them.  My mom and I also had a day to try out some new-to-us techniques which I'll be sharing in the next week or so.  First though follow-up with a few more after Christmas posts.

Last week I shared the ornaments I made for the kids and for some friends of mine, but I knew the Swedish stars weren't quite Mike's thing.  When my bloggy friend Lee Anna over at Not Afraid of Color shared her fabulous snow globe ornaments I knew I had to try them out.  I made this one for Mike, the center is his motorcycle (it's a machine embroidery) and I covered it with white tulle and quilted snowflakes.  He's not really into ornaments (though he is into motorcycles) but I think it turned out really cute!  It was pretty fun actually, and I think I might make some more for everybody next year.


  1. Very cool. I love seeing everyone's posts after Christmas, as I'm always gathering up new ideas, always.