Thursday, June 14, 2018

I Like #70

Welcome to another week of I likes!  First a housekeeping update:  For the last couple weeks I have no longer been receiving e-mail notifications of comments.  I'm trying to figure out how to fix it, because I like replying to you guys by email, but bear with my while I fight with blogger!

It's been a reasonably good week, but the kind filled with regular life rather than photo-oppy events.  So a few things to like:

1.  I love having the occasional weekend not overburdened by obligations and plans.  I have so many hobbies I love and other outside work commitments, it's very rare to have a weekend without a ton of things scheduled.  This last was one such weekend and it was great to be able to stay home and get a bunch done.

2.  I love being able to fix things!  I'm not particularly handy like my dad, but I don't mind working on things and it's very gratifying when I'm able to fix them.  My lawnmower had been broken for a week or so, and this time of year that's too much.  After much trial and tribulation, many trips to various hardware stores and amazon orders, several phone calls to my dad and a couple to Mike (many of which included me holding the phone out so he could hear what the engine sounded like), I finally got it running.  I definitely learned about my lawnmower, about which I previously knew nothing.

3. I love the pups!  I snapped this photo of them on our walk this morning, we went a bit early because I went to have breakfast with a friend of mine before work, and it was lovely and cool out.  It's so humid right now, I hate it, but early in the morning it's nice.  It was wonderful to have breakfast with my friend, we don't get to see each other super often and I love getting the chance to visit and catch up.  She's such a wonderful support.

4.  I like making progress!  I quilted my latest smocking quilt this weekend and got it blocked.  I squared it up a couple nights back, but it's been a bit hard to be motivated to work on it lately.  But the deadline is coming up soon and I have two pieces still to finish!

5.  I love sailing.  My captain was out of town this week, so I sailed with another friend, Kerry Dawn.  She has a whole crew of ladies called the pink ladies (there were 7!! of us last night), and one of the sailing instructors from the boat club raced with us.  It was such a fun group and so educational.  I didn't get a picture of everyone in coordinating pink shirts (her crew is the pink ladies so I fit right in), but I was on foredeck so snapped this picture of the committee boat so we'd know what the course was.

6.  On the blog this week:  If you missed it, check out the finished Missy quilt.

I hope you guys had a good week, and thanks to LeeAnna for linking us up!


  1. I think all of us on Blogger are having that same commenting problem! So frustrating! I keep hoping they will fix it, but not yet. I'm so impressed with your lawn mower fixing! Good for you! Your Missy quilt is wonderful - a lovely way to remember her.

  2. Commenting and blogger has always been an issue. I have thought of just turning off comments and have people email me for a full discussion.
    So, I have a question, what does it mean you had your quilt blocked? I have heard of that process with needlework that may have skewed during its creation. (tvonzalez at gmail dot com)
    The fire quilting goes great with that fabric!

  3. Hi Shannon,
    Missy quilt is just lovely!! Aww, what a nice keepsake. And sailing - I didn't know you enjoyed the sport. I wish I knew some peeps that did it here, as I would love to learn. I am on Lake Michigan after all, so you would think someone I know would. Your quilting looks fabulous - I have four things layered awaiting me, and I just haven't felt like doing it. And lastly, speaking of fixing things - I broke our washing machine just last night. Spent several hours trying to figure it out, unplugged it and walked away and today it works. So, while I didn't fix it . . . I am thrilled it fixed itself!! Happy Thursday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. LOL, that Missy quilt is great. I love fixing things, especially when it's a creative fix that does exactly what I want. :-) Oh, all your likes are great this week.

  5. Your quilt looks fantastic! I'm so impressed with your work! Have a wonderful week!

  6. Small engine repair and wonderful quilting...such a talented soul you are!

  7. Boy, I could use an unscheduled weekend right about now … we are busy preparing for some family visits, and it does not leave a lot of time for my 'hobbies' - here it is Sunday night and I am just getting to comment on all the lovely folks linking to I Like Thursday! Well done with the lawnmower - your persistence is tremendous!