Thursday, July 8, 2021

I like #220

 Welcome to another week of things I like!

I like seeing my friends!  I had wonderful get togethers with three different sets of friends this week and it was so wonderful to see them all.  Really delightful.  I did discover that I am very (very) bad at croquet, but the game was fun all the same!

Spooky is still his beloved self.  This week he has taken to eating all the parts of the pumpkin plant that have grown through the fence onto the back porch.  I keep coming upon him chewing up giant trailing stems of it- I think he likes the crunchy stem bits.  I always take it away, but then he goes and gets some more.  Pretty soon there won't be any left on the porch, so I guess it's self-limiting, but it's too bad, and now there are small pieces of pumpkin leaves all over the place.

And on that same topic, I loved this meme that one of our local quilt stores shared on instagram.  Given my love of illuminated manuscripts and the current residents of my household (ahem, Spooky) it seemed super fitting and really funny.  The header reads "Give me back my quilt! Bad doggie!!

I love my plants!  My baby pumpkins are getting a little bigger (Spooky's efforts notwithstanding), and I've been cutting more flower to take inside.  I love the effect of those long purple flowers.  I think they're Texas lilac, and my neighbors have a huge giant tree/bush of them that always invades my yard.  It's kind of annoying because they don't prune it and it pushes on the fence, but it is very beautiful and I don't feel bad about cutting the bits that hang over into my yard.  They add a nice linear shape to my flower arrangements to complement the very round dahlias and zinnias.

I love getting started on something new.  I spent a couple of days this weekend on a new sewing project, namely making a little over 200 of these fabric covered spikes.  They're for a new quilt project, I'm not sure exactly what yet, but I'm sure it'll be interesting.  I love seeing them all piled up!

Poor Blue has an aural hematoma, his ear has this giant blood blister on it and he has to go to the vet tomorrow.  He doesn't seem too bothered, I just hope it doesn't get worse today.

I love toads!  This poor guy hopped into my studio the other day and got behind one of my work benches.  Luckily I was able to extract him and safely return him to the outdoors.

I'm super excited that there is an article about my quilts in the upcoming issue of Patchwork Professional, a European Quilting magazine.

Right now they're doing a contest to pick the cover quilt for the next issue.  If you're on instagram, go over to the post below and vote for quilt A, and maybe my quilt will get to be on the cover!

I hope everyone is having a good week!  Click over to LeeAnna's for more things to like! 


  1. I love croquet, though it's been too many years since I played it. Spooky has odd fetishes! lol. Flowers are beautiful. I'm intrigued by the fabric spikes. Hope Blue's vet visit goes well - that looks uncomfortable!

  2. Wonderful post. Congratulations on having your quilt featured in a professional magazine; that is a wonderful achievement and those cloth rods look quite interesting too. You make beautiful bouquets despite Spooky's help in the garden. Loved that meme. Same here with Ned being super excited by anything trailing including cloth.

  3. Friends make life wonderful just like family.
    I cannot believe all those strips you made! That is something to get excited about!

  4. What pretty flowers. Spooky likes pumpkin vines, Bobbin likes Maple helicopters, my mom's new puppy Molly any weed that is long and stringy. Your flowers are gorgeous, you had a toad, we had a tree frog. Poor Blue, a girlfriend has an old pup and he has bumps and lumps all over---the vet recently removed all of them, the poor guy looks like Frankenstein's monster he has so many stitches and staples. Spooky and the bed makes me giggle, but I am sure it is distressing when they destroy things too.

  5. Can't wait to see what you are going to do with those fabric spikes, something fabulous for sure.
    I like your bouquet. Isn't it fun when you can bring flowers in from the garden? I picked some hydrangea yesterday and they make me smile every time I see them.

  6. The story about Spooky is so funny! Though our Chico drives me nuts sometimes, what would we do without our pups? Your fabric spikes are intriguing! What a unique idea! Am interested to see how you utilize them! And that bouquet? Wow...I'm sure it cheers up any room its in!

  7. your quilt should be on the cover! It's the most eye catching. I cannot wait to see how you join the straws without flattening them... SO CLEVER!!! Poor blue boy... and spooky is only cleaning up for you. I am wishing I could gather enough water to grow pumpkins! How fun would that be. We only seem to have one or two squirrels but they would likely eat them before they turned orange anyway. You grow such big healthy flowers in your yard

  8. Always fun to see what you are creating! Fabric spikes - I'm so curious! The vase of flowers is just lovely, and yes - you should be on the cover!