Thursday, September 16, 2021

I Like #227

Welcome to another week of things to like.  Some good news in my world this week, a big research grant I'd been waiting months to hear on finally came through at work, so we're very pleased.

Wonderful new-to-me art this week, Italian artist Peeta makes paints buildings to look like amazing 3D sculptures.  (via)

I finished knitting a new pair of ankle socks this week.  I screwed up the Kichener stitch, so there's a weird look at the toe, but otherwise they came out good!  I decided to try making a ruffled edge and it I love it.  It was annoying to bind off because to make the ruffle you wind up with 4x as many stitches as you started with which is a lot to bind off, but that's ok.  Here's hoping I can keep them away from Spooky!

Someone put this up at work this week and it made me giggle.  I love puns anyway, and gnomes, and genomes, so :)

Poor Bentley got himself really stuck inside this plant stand this weekend,  he was so freaked out and stressed and stuck.  I'm so grateful I was home and I have now put that plant stand somewhere else where he can't get to it.  I did help him calm down before taking the picture, but it was stressful because of course spooky and blue thought it was a great game.

Spooky hoping he won't have to go to bed in his crate (hot take: he did have to go to bed in his crate).

Blue is such a love~  My legless seal dog.

I hope folks are having a good week!  Click over to LeeAnna's for more things to like!



  1. That building is wild! Even knowing it's just paint, I can't wrap my head around it. Socks are super cute. Poor Bentley, but I can see why the other two thought it was fun. I always love Blue. Good stuff!

  2. The cutest socks! Wish I knew how to knit socks, I’m sure they are warmer than any store bought ones!
    Poor Bentley! Hope he has no lasting trauma!

  3. Wonderful likes and love your socks. Sending hugs to poor Bentley!!!

  4. I've seen those 3D painting and they are mind blowing. How great those socks look esp. with Mary Jane shoes. Such happy knitting! We are finding that Ned is a scaredy cat...he would freak out too if stuck in anything.

  5. Love your socks! I am trying to figure out how Bentley got into that predicament...I think that Spooky being small and svelte convinced Bentley....follow the leader, chase me. LOL

  6. Very cool painted buildings! So 3D and bizarre looking! Poor pup. Somehow they manage to get themselves into some very odd predicaments. Your socks are lovely and, yes, binding off must have taken forever. Way to perservere!