Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall Wreath

I have lots of Christmas decorations we've made over the years, but fewer fall decorations.  Lately I've been really inspired by the book page and fall wreaths I keep seeing (you should see my pinterest board-it's full of them), so I thought I'd try one.  My main inspirations for the book page parts were this and this and this.

I started with a crummy novel I bought at a Borders that was going out of business.  Once I got it, I realized that I'd already read it, and not only that, but I hadn't even enjoyed it that much.  So it seemed like a good choice for this project.  I soaked the edges in coffee (to give an oldish look), and then put it in the oven at ~180 degrees for a few hours to dry out.

I made a cardboard wreath shape to serve as the base; I just traced around my cake taker for the outside and around a salad plate for the inside.

For the first layer of pages, I folded them accordion style and stapled them all around the outside of the wreath (you can see them peeking out from the bottom in the picture).  Then I flipped the wreath over, and attached pages I'd wrapped into cone shapes in a couple of layers on top of the bottom layer.  I put similar (but) smaller cone shapes around the inside.  This left a weird space between the cones pointing inward and the cones pointing outward, so I attached some more accordion folded pages to the middle (in the picture below I'm partway through that step).  I used hot glue, and it worked great.

This is what the wreath part looked like after all these steps; nice enough, but not quite colorful enough for my taste. It also wasn't quite round, so I hoped to obscure that with some additions.

I decided to make a bunch of felt flowers to put on it to brighten it up.  As ever, the internet came to my rescue with gems like this and this and this and this.  I made five flowers and some leaves and tried them in a bunch of arrangements on the wreath.  I finally settled on just using four so I have one extra felt flower for a future project.

So here it is!  A fun fall wreath.  I was going to hang it on my front door, but we never come in that way so I decided to hang it inside where I could see it.  You guys have any fun fall crafts in the works?


  1. Very cool! I've always been intrigued by those paper wreaths, but have never tried it. Love your addition of flowers.

  2. This is a great idea. Thanks for linking up to

  3. Thanks guys! I appreciate the comments. Kenda, you should totally try one, they're super easy.

  4. This wreath looks amazing! I've always thought about doing a paper wreath but so far have stuck to mostly yarn wreaths.