Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Actual WIP Wednesday

I thought I'd just give a status update-WIP today, as much as an action-item list for me as anything!

For anyone who doesn't care about my random to-do list, I'll just share this (sad iphone) picture of the quilting I just finished on the black and gold quilt!


Black and White and Gold Quilt
I finished quilting this and got it blocked/sqared up.  The next step is to make the piping (need to buy piping cord) and do the binding, pocket, and label.

Winter in Lincoln County #1: The Orchard
I made great progress on this week, got it blocked, square up, and bound.  The pocket is on and the last step is to sew on the label (which I printed this morning).  Final reveal on this on Friday (hopefully).

Winter in Lincoln County #2: Sierra Blanca
This is the mountain quilt that has been on the design wall incubating since April.  I've decided it's time to finish it.  It's blocked and squared up, but I think I'm going to try to embroider/thread paint/stitch some trees in the foreground before adding the facing.  I hope to get to it this weekend.

Ahhh Star
The next step on this is the piano key border.  I've pulled the fabrics for this, but haven't actually started it yet...

Black and White and Red all Over 1 and 2
These are the two thumbprint projects.  I did a bunch of coloring on the one that I hated so much which helped some, but not necessarily enough to make me love it.  I'm thinking about trying to quilt up the other one though.

Still Life
This will be the next quilt, but it's still in the early designing phases (as in, still in my mind and very rough sketches) so it'll be a while before there's anything to show on this.


Crocheted Scarf
This is a scarf I was making for my aunt out of the yarn from her alpacas.  It's finished and blocked, I just need to get some good photos (not sure how to do that for a scarf) and then write up a blog post!

Crochet Flower Blocks for Afghan
I think I have enough of these for an actual afghan I just need to get them all blocked and laid out.  It's kind of overwhelming to me since there are about 100 of them and they're not all the same shape and I've never assembled blocks of crochet before.  However, I think it's time to bite the bullet on this too; I'm tired of them sitting unseen in a drawer!

Chair Cushion
I have a very traditional rocking chair with a very uncomfortable back.  I have fabric to make a cushion for it, but need to get the foam.

Birthday Presents
Two family birthdays are coming up and I need to get on the secret presents for those!

Linking up with Lee as always and hoping you're all making progress on those WIPs!

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  1. WOW! Oh, WOW! Shannon, this is amazing. I really love how the cool spiky arm overlays the feather plumage. Stunning work, lady!