Monday, August 19, 2013

Zip Pouches

Is the world tired of zip pouches yet?  Probably, especially since these aren't particularly innovative or anything, but they are very useful.

I wanted a couple small wipeable ones for a specific application so I dug out these two pieces of vinyl coated fabric or oilcloth (not sure what they're actually called) that I'd had for ever and never done anything with.  The top one (with the purple flowers) is much lighter weight and came from Hancocks.  The middle one is from my LQS.

The first one is just a regular zip pouch.  It's slightly trapezoidal because I was going to make it boxy at the bottom but lost interest at the end.

For this one I decided to do my first ever curved-around-the-side zipper.  It's small (3x4 ish) and the heavyweight oilcloth.  Definitely should have used regular fabric for my first attempt at that.  It came out fine, but the curve is not very smooth and fabric didn't turn or lay nicely flat like I would have preferred.

Third, a regular zip pouch and needle book made out of my favorite print ever.  These are for a quilty friend of mine and since I used regular fabric they both came out very nicely.

And finally, another pinchushion/thread catcher to put over by my embroidery machine.  Hooray!  I love getting to use all my fun print fabrics.

My conclusion:  the vinyl covered fabric isn't hard to use or sew, but it is a bit challenging to deal with when making small things (just like any heavier weight fabric would be.


  1. Very cute! I love the yellow/green combo on thread catcher. Nice!

  2. Great work. The pincushion/thread catcher is an excellent idea, and so cute. The fabric you used for your quilty friend's needle book and pouch is absolutely beautiful.

  3. These are so cute. I saw some oil cloth in the quilt store recently in wonderful prints and wondered what to use it for. Now I have a good idea. Thanks for sharing.