Monday, November 3, 2014

Finishing Raegan's First Quilt

A couple of weekends ago Raegan and Walker came over so we had another crafty afternoon.  It was just before Halloween, so we all painted pumpkins, but the main order of the day was to finish Raegan's quilt.  She'd pieced the large 9-patch on a previous weekend, so for this weekend I'd prepared the sandwich and let her quilt it using the walking foot.  She did really well, no sewing injuries, and then I put on the binding.

Instead of sewing on a label, she just wrote her name on the back and I filled in the rest.

Next time Walker's going to quilt!


  1. What a good grandma you are! Her first quilt is so cute and something she and you will treasure.

  2. Great job. I bet she will have the quilting bug for life, now. I look forward to see what Walker comes up with.