Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Cultural Red

I'm so excited to have just found out that two of my quilts, The Yucca and the Moth and Do You See What I See, have been accepted into the new SAQA NM show, Cultural Red.  This show will be hanging at the Capitol Rotunda Art Gallery at the NM Capitol building in Santa Fe, NM from April 17-August 17.  If any of you are in or around Santa Fe, I'd encourage you to stop by and see it, it should be a great show.

The cool cochineal bug quilt on the bottom left is my mom Vicki's (so cool).

Do You See What I See

The Yucca and the Moth

Also, I've designed a website for my quilts.  In addition to galleries of quilts, it has a list of upcoming shows.  It was fun to build- I'm not sure I won't still change it around some, but I think it's good enough to be going on with.  Check it out at Shannonconleyartquilts.com or by clicking the website link in my tab.


  1. I see gastric intestine stress. :)

    1. If you keep saying mean things about that quilt I'm going to hang it in our bedroom so you have to see it first thing every morning.

  2. Congratulations.

    Seeing all of your work together on your new website looks really impressive. Great job!