Friday, February 20, 2015

Gloria Patri: The Pain(t)

Well, I finished quilting my Gloria Patri quilt late last week.  I thought the quilting designs looked neat up close, but when I stood back and looked at the whole thing, it left me feeling underwhelmed, deflated, blah.  After some discussion with my mom and a lot of thought, I came to articulate that what was really bothering me was how washed out it felt.  Nothing like the deep saturated colors found in an illumination.

So, after countless hours and a million stops and starts with the quilting, I decided to paint it all.  Yep.  Big sigh.  I got out all the different fabric paints I have and identified twenty different colors to fill in the quilting, and for the last week have been painstakingly working on it.  It's extremely slow going since I'm trying to stay in the lines.  A bit challenging as well because the funny texture of this fabric makes it really hard to get into the crevices.

Here are a couple of in progress pictures though and it's already feeling much more how I imagined it.  Not sure how the whole thing will turn out, but the deadline for the shows I want to enter is fast approaching so I'm going to be hard at it until it's finished.  Just keep your fingers crossed that I don't set my hand down in wet paint or spill it or anything like that.

I guess the moral of the story is that thread is not really enough- maybe I'll screen print the designs next time or applique them or something.

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  1. It certainly pops now! Wording is hard and tricky. I've yet to figure out an easy effective way with words. Have you ever tried inktense pencils with aloe gel? It gives more control. Paint can be scary to do after you've already put so much work into a piece.

  2. I thought it was incredible before, but it's even more so now. You were so brave to paint it, but I'm sure that you practiced enough so that you knew it wouldn't run or bleed.

  3. You've done an amazing job with the painting.

  4. When I opened your blog post and saw your first photo, I said "Wow!". But the painting you are doing is adding to it. Good luck with your entry. I sure do hate deadlines.

  5. I think you made the right decision. The paint creates that dramatic impact that yur inspiration pictures had. Best of luck. You can do it!

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    1. I wanted to say how wonderful this quilt will be as you continue to develop your intensity in stitch and colour... a beautiful celebration of the Gloria Patri. Hope to be able to see it in person one day soon.