Monday, March 16, 2015

Puppets for Anna

Anna just turned 3 (I still cannot believe this), and I decided to make her some puppets.  I followed the basic plan outlined here.  Her instructions and pattern pieces were clear and easy to use, but I don't think I'd make them this way again.  I'm not crazy about things that have to be glued, so I think instead of plastic in the mouth piece I'd use some sort of sewable heavy weight interfacing.  I used up some fabric scraps I had lying around, and in retrospect I probably should have used something sturdier like fleece so I wouldn't have needed to line them.  In spite of not being my favorite project ever, I think they turned out cute enough and hopefully Anna will enjoy playing with them!

Mike took a couple of pictures of me talking with the mouth puppets :)  It's hard to deny that puppets are pretty entertaining! 


  1. You should enter the SewMamaSew contest since you are making softies anyway. I love your expression in the last picture.

  2. These are precious! Many moons ago I took a puppet making class and it was so much fun! And ye, that last pic is a keeper!