Monday, April 1, 2013

Covert Robin Swap Revisited

Last week I shared the things I made for my partner in the Covert Robin Swap, and today I wanted to show the lovely things that recently came in my mail.  My wonderful covert robin swap partner turned out to be Bonnie Ferguson of Fish Sticks Designs.  She has tons of adorable clothing patterns for your littles, I'm especially fond of the shortall/overall pattern and may have to get it to make for Anna.

Anyway, she sent me this lovely super large tote bag- it's simultaneously soft and sturdy and feels like the perfect size for the beach.  Alas, I don't get much to the beach, so I've decided to use it for my large upcoming crochet project.  I love the angled pocket detailing on the front, and the wonderful spring colors.

She made a wonderful little card pouch and key fob that clip inside it (I've wanted one of these key fobs forever and this one is already on my keys) and sent along some tasty extras.

Thanks Bonnie for being such a great partner!  P.S.  The chocolate was really really good.


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you like it! That is my favorite brand of chocolate. It's so yummy! I made the bag smaller than my beach bag tutorial thinking that maybe you could use it for something that needs a little less room--a crochet project sounds perfect! I think I'm going to make myself one the same size for carrying magazines and knitting on our upcoming cross-country trip. Off to work on putting together my blog post now.

  2. beautiful project -- those little labels are super cute.