Friday, June 21, 2013

Dog Background

I'm not sure if I ever explained what I was going to do with the three thread painted dog portraits once I finished them.  I decided to mount them (process still to be determined) on a larger quilted background piece.  On that background piece, I decided to bobbin quilt outline drawings of the dogs, just a little offset.

So after layering, basting, and lining up my drawings on the back, I started the bobbin quilting around the first two dogs.  The thread I'm using in the bobbin is Halo by Superior.  My mom lent me a spool.  So far it's running absolutely great in the bobbin (knock on wood).

Here's where the dogs are so far; I think I need to go back and work on Missy's left ear and Bullet's jawline.  It's kind of hard to tell from the back as you're sewing how it's going to look.  The fabric is actually navy, the last (out-of-focus-cellphone)-picture shows more or less how it's going to be arranged in the end.

Linking up with Nina-Marie as always.  I hope everyone has a good weekend!


  1. wow - gonna have to try some Halo in the bobbin. I have a bunch of it - but it was such a hassle on top - I should have tried it backwards! thanks!!

  2. Been looking around your blog since seeing the finished project in your Spring 2014 Blogger Quilt Fest entry. What you did with the background portraits looks just like the effect I wanted to achieve on a WIP project I have. I was wondering why you chose to bobbin stitch the portraits and how you went about transferring the source "drawings"? I'd appreciate anything you are willing to share about your process.