Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kind People.

My mom juse sent me her quilt to be donated to victims of the recent tornadoes in our area.  It's for the Moore Loves campaign run by the OKC MQG.  The quilt is super scrappy and made using the block tutorial here.  I love all the bright colors and hope it makes a small child feel like someone is thinking about him!

I also wanted to say thanks to all the quilters out there (who don't even know me in person or via blog) who've called to make sure I was ok after all the tornadoes.  And as an even more lovely example, I got quilts back from a show in Albuquerque NM just last week and included was a fabulous fat quarter of some yummy dragon print fabric.  Attached was a note saying that a lady visiting the show had dropped of the fabric for me because she saw where I was from and wanted me to know she was thinking about everyone affected by the storms.  So sweet!  Thanks to all the caring people out there!

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