Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wordless WIP: Wednesday

I'm quilting....

The end is in sight!

Linking up with Lee and Leah.


  1. Wow--your FMQ looks amazing!

  2. gasping! what absolutely incredible fmq!!! you want to come to my house and help out? =) i have a project that could use a touch of this. i just got started with the stipple this month. what an artist you are.

  3. You inspire me. I consider myself an adequate FMQ and after seeing your amazing piece, I know I should step up my game. Really lovely quilting. Well done.


  4. Ok....I want to know how you get this good!!!!! lol
    Seriously; I have been trying....well maybe not hard enough....but I don't seem to know what I want to quilt to start with. Then when I do decide; I get out of control....Yours is stunning!